CelebMix Interview: British creative musician Shojon talks new chocolate snack ‘Shojon Bar’, his creative process, and 2021 aspirations

Shojon, a.k.a. John Shownmi, has been lurking behind the UK music and media industries with a career spanning over a decade at That SP Studios and has been a key factor behind the success of many UK talent acts. Music artists Kid Bookie, Gullypabs, Chris Cash, M dot R and Youtuber Uncle Rafool – alongside many others – have benefitted from the services at the media hub.

In 2020, the media creative Shojon gave us “Theorem”; a light-hearted melodic song with cheeky playful lyrics. The music video, directed by Craig Heathcote, grabbed Best Music Video at the LIFA’s, a Gold Music Video Award, and Silver VFX Award from the Hollywood Gold Awards.  

Shojon has been working in the lockdown like a lot of artists it seems, the past year has brought different energy – as Shojon explained for him sparked new creativity. “It felt like a portal opened and I jumped right in head first wriggling my batty in the creative source!” Shojon expressed to CelebMix.  “An infinite source of knowledge that the whole world can access and I got to work on as many ideas as possible. learning so many new tricks along the way.”

“One of humanity’s strengths is its ability to adapt, and recent times have taught anything could happen and force us to….and we shall”

Shojon’s on his hopes for 2021

“The Shojon chocolate bar was going to be part of my merch at shows, when they got canceled I used the idea to drive donations and awareness for mental health,” Shojon tells CelebMix about his fundraiser #chocolateforthemind. The fundraiser earned over £1700 in 30 days in aid of the Mind charity.

The campaign is part of a bigger project; the “Greenwich Views” EP. The record journeys a tale of mental health through the eyes of a creative. Shojon continues, “I made this with the intent of resonating with the listener on a personal level, inviting them to feel what I felt and relate to it.”

Shojon’s creative process seems to have many tactile layers: “Firstly, when I create music, I start with the emotion, energy, and vibe I perceive from the topic and get the right balance in the sound. Secondly, I start thinking about how I could create a stunning visual that perfectly compliments the nature of the audio with the correct message and meaning. Thirdly, I think about how I could market in a unique way that allows me to execute and deliver to the masses.”

Shojon went on to explain why he’s now making music himself and what he plans to achieve by doing so. Shojon explains; “After overcoming anxiety and looking back on my career of 15 years, I could finally appreciate the work I’ve put in and see it’s meaning and value from both the perspective of myself and others. Also, realizing how my own creative ability can influence and make a difference. That’s why I’ve chosen to go all the way now and “Show John”, creating and influencing positive change wherever I can.”

Shojon is blazing his way to the front 2021 with national TV and radio appearances. Already with his own chocolate bar, a media empire, and respected artists as personal friends, it doesn’t look like Shojon has any intentions of slowing down soon! 

Written by CelebMix