Cheerleader Debuts Hilarious New Music Video for “A Million Ways”

If you haven’t heard of Cheerleader, an indie-pop group from Philadelphia, they’ll certainly be on your radar after you indulge in their latest music video for their track “A Million Ways”.  Joe, Chris, Josh, Paul, and Carl make up the band who teamed up with Funny or Die for the video that takes you through a million ways to love your lover.

The smooth sound of the track and incredible vocals are enough to keep you interested in the song on their own, Cheerleader’s sound is both unique and whimsical, with lyrics like “now it seems I’m lost, maybe I forgot what it is that I really want” and “I believe I can change in a million ways but I’m not really sure where to start, but without you, I’m not going very far” everyone who hears “A Million Ways” can find themselves in a part of the tune.

The video itself takes you through relationship counseling with a trainer that reminds you of a high school teacher listing bullet points for the million ways to love your lover.  From reigniting the spark to the early bird gets the worm and even the cheerleader – the video takes on a physical approach to bringing the spark back into a relationship.  While you see the couples start to loosen up and enjoy each other once again through various laughter inducing ‘exercises’ you find yourself laughing along with them.

Cheerleader has been making a name for themselves as they’ve played at festivals like SXSW and Firefly Music Festival and they show no signs of slowing down now, in fact, they’re continuing a national tour this summer!  To hear more from Cheerleader you can visit their aesthetically pleasing website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated with a band you’re sure to hear more of in the near future.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.