Press photo of Claire Guerreso who just dropped her new single "The Let Down". She is wearing a leather biker jacket and is facing to the left with her head slightly down as he blonde hair falls past her arms. Her right arm is bent at the elbow with her hand close to moving her hair out of her face, while the left hand is gripped onto her jacket.

Claire Guerreso releases sonically infused indie pop-rock single titled “The Let Down”

Giving conceptual indie pop-rock infused vibes is Claire Guerreso with her brand new single “The Let Down”. The track is unique from start to finish, allowing Claire Guerreso to paint her own path in the music industry. The release of this single follows up her previous single “By Your Side”.

Claire Guerreso is a versatile singer-songwriter who is known for her captivating music, blending together various genres to create a distinct sound of her own. With her haunting, yet compelling voice and exceptional writing abilities, she has become a sought-after artist for various media outlets, including film, TV, and other musicians. With a diverse repertoire that spans dark, ethereal tracks to upbeat dance numbers and introspective ballads, Claire’s music has travelled around the world and captured the hearts of many. Her 2018 song “Ashes” is her most-streamed track on Spotify, to date, with over 7.9 million streams. She is currently in the process of creating her next project, set to be released in 2023. Her music has already been featured on several popular TV shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, Reign, Lucifer, Pretty Little Liars, Shades of Blue, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and American Ninja Warrior, to name a few. It’s clear that Claire Guerreso will continue to be a force to be reckoned with as she builds up her TV and film placements alongside her fanbase.

Written by Claire Guerreso and produced by Suede James, “The Let Down” has an interesting and unique backing beat that is full of clashing rhythms and differing chords that shouldn’t work but flow rhythmically together to continue to create Claire Guerreso’s iconic sound. Her vocals add to the melody of the track, defining it and creating a structure to it. Her lyrics delve into darkness and give off a floundering vibe of unsurety exposing her insecurities through imagery and integrity. This is one of those songs that makes an impact upon first listen, and soon worms itself inside your brain just to make you play the track again.

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“The Let Down” by Claire Guerreso is available to download and stream right now, across all platforms.

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