We Are The In Crowd: "This isn't goodbye, it's BRB."

We Are The In Crowd: “This isn’t goodbye, it’s BRB.”

After three albums since their formation in 2009, the American pop-rock group, We Are The In Crowd, announced on their Twitter page that they will be taking a break.

The cause?  According to the band’s post, “Rather than force this new “thing” that had emerged into fitting what our expectations were for WATIC LP3, we decided we were better off being true to ourselves and our fans and giving this new “thing” an identity of its own for all of you to embrace or ignore without compromising the history or future of WATIC.  Too often we see bands make a sharp turn creatively and philosphically without considering the piece of their band that belongs to the fans,” the band wrote referring to a follow up on the Weird Kids album.

At the end of the message, the band thanks their fans (known as crumbs) and reminds them that, “This isn’t goodbye, it’s BRB.”

The unexpected message explained a lot since the band has been inactive on their Twitter page since November 29th of 2015, while the individual members continued to post onto their personal Twitter accounts.  Although the news is sad at the moment for fans, we hope to see more from WATIC soon, and hope they enjoy their well deserved break.

You can read the full statement below:

We Are The In Crowd: "This isn't goodbye, it's BRB."

We Are The In Crowd’s personal Twitter accounts:

Taylor Jardine (vocalist) – @TayJardine

Jordan Eckes (guitarist and vocalist) – @jordaneckes

Cameron Hurley (guitarist) – @cameronhurley

Rob Chianelli (drummer) – @RobChianelli

Mike Ferri (bassist) – @MikeFerri

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Check out one of our favorite WATIC music videos:

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