Dexter: New Blood – Is The New Installment As Good?

There has been a lot of hype around the long-awaited revival of Dexter, with a ten-part mini-series titled Dexter: New Blood. As the original Dexter was considered by some to be one of the best TV shows ever made, does the new revival live up to the hype?

Here, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the new episodes. From the plotline to which familiar faces you can expect to see returning and even where to watch the latest episodes, read on to learn more about Dexter: New Blood

Is New Blood Connected to the Original Series?

Yes, the new episodes continue where things left off at the end of Dexter season eight. Dexter: New Blood is set ten years after the events of the final episode of the original Dexter series; you could say it’s essentially Dexter season nine. 

If you’re thinking about watching the new episodes, it might be worth binge-watching the original eight seasons first! Fans will be glad to see the series return to their screens, as the previous season finale was considered one of the worst finales of all time. In fact, some felt the titular character should have died at the end of season eight. 

What Characters Are Returning?

You can expect to see some of your favorite characters returning for the new episodes, as well as some new faces. 

Of course, Michael C. Hall, the star of the show, returns as Dexter Morgan. However, he’s now living under a pseudonym, Jim Lindsay. In the new series, Lindsay is hoping to distance himself from his previous life as Dexter Morgan. But will his secret past remain hidden from those around him now? We’re yet to find out. 

Despite being killed off at the end of season eight in 2013, Jennifer Carpenter will be making a return as Dexter’s sister, Debra Morgan. Although she’s no longer with us, Debra will play a key part in the show, speaking to Dexter in his mind as if she is his conscience. We could also see the character appearing in flashbacks, which have been frequent in previous seasons. This could give us some insight into Dexter’s past. 

Another favorite with fans, the Emmy-winning John Lithgow, will make an appearance in New Blood as Arthur Mitchell, aka Trinity Killer. Although he will only feature in the new episodes briefly, fans are keen to see what’s in store for this fascinating character. 

The character of Dexter’s son, Harrison Morgan, will also make a return to our screens in New Blood. However, he will now be portrayed by a different actor, Jack Alcott. Alcott will play Harrison, who, after spending some time in foster care, is on a mission to track down Dexter.

What’s the Plotline?

As mentioned above, the titular character Dexter is now on the run from his past. It is set ten years after the previous season concluded, and Dexter is now living a much more normal life under an alias in a town in upstate New York. 

He hasn’t killed anyone (yet!) and is getting friendly with some of the locals. It sounds too good to be true and not what you’d expect from a show like Dexter, right? We don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but it’s safe to say you’ll soon find Dexter, or Jim, slipping back into his old and much more entertaining (for us) ways. 

How Can I Watch It?

If you can’t wait to check out the latest drama from Dexter and the rest of the crew, there are a few places you can stream it. First, it’s available on Hulu, as are the first eight seasons if you haven’t had a chance to watch them yet.  

You can also watch Dexter: New Blood on Showtime live or online, with new episodes added to the website every week after they air on TV. Fans in the UK can catch the latest episodes on Sky Atlantic or stream them on Now TV. 

Should I Watch the Original Dexter First?

It’s worth watching the original series first if you haven’t since the story picks up from where it left off at the end of season eight back in 2013. Thankfully, as mentioned above, you can stream them all on Hulu. 

Will There Be More Episodes of Dexter: New Blood?

New episodes of Dexter: New Blood air once a week, on Sunday evenings. In the current season, there are scheduled to be ten episodes altogether. This is two less than in previous seasons, which all had 12 episodes. 

While it has neither been confirmed nor denied, it is not expected that there will be a second season of Dexter: New Blood. This is because it was released as a ‘limited mini-series,’ meaning that all the action would usually take place over just one season. 

Our Verdict

Since we haven’t seen all episodes yet, it’s difficult to say whether Dexter: New Blood is as good as the original Dexter series. 

At the moment, it seems to be roughly on par with the original episodes. The first few seasons of Dexter were much better than the later seasons, and Dexter: New Blood seems to sit somewhere in the middle. It’s not as bad as the worst parts of the original series, nor as gripping as the original Dexter was at its best. 

Whereas the first eight seasons had moments of humor thrown in with the gripping drama, New Blood is noticeably less entertaining in that respect. However, it’s still a great attempt to revive the series after its controversial ending. Dexter is shown to be much more ‘human’ in the new episodes, which could either be good or bad, depending on how you feel about the character! 

Overall, it’s definitely worth a watch for fans of the original series and anyone who loves a good serial killer drama! 

Written by Monella