DISCOVER: Alternative Rock Singer/Songwriter Mike Comfort

DISCOVER: Alternative Rock Singer/Songwriter Mike Comfort

Singer/Songwriter Mike Comfort is an Alternative Rock artist from Chico, California along with band mates Chris Holmes (guitar, backing vocals), DJ Farrell (drums), Jonathan Stoyanoff (bass), and Brandon Mains (guitar, backing vocals).

His latest album, Pretty Sweet Stuff, is a compilation of songs from the six albums that he’s done over the years. Although Mike and his band have stayed local in Northern California, he has still managed to touch many fans’ hearts in a big way. Over the years he has received tons of emails from listeners sharing their own personal stories of how his music has made a difference in their lives.

We aren’t surprised that their music has made a difference for people when Mike has lyrics like, “We’re all alone it’s okay, bring us back to the beginning / When I was there for you to follow me / To follow me / Cause’ I’ve become the one who makes myself so sick with worry / All the waiting is the hardest thing,” from one of our favorite songs “Fall On Me.”

Mike and his band were even voted Best Band In Sacramento for a Sacramento Radio Station Contest, Best Band In Northern California from 107FM The Point Chico, and nominated for Best New Artist for New Music Weekly In Los Angeles. Being as local as they are, they still managed to sell over 10,000 physical CD’s between shows while gaining lifelong fans along the way.

Check out one our favorite songs by Mike titled “Fall On Me” below:

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