DISCOVER: Pop/Hip-Hop Group Space Cadets

DISCOVER: Pop/Hip-Hop Group Space Cadets

Los Angeles Pop/Hip-Hop crossover group Space Cadets consist of Zachary Wexelman (vocals, guitar), Dan Creed (bass, backing vocals), and John Cocco (drums).

Space Cadets’ debut 3-track EP ‘fLAke’ was released in December of 2015, showcasing a unique mix of genres in their music complimented by a coherent lyrical narrative reminiscent of the golden age of hip-hop. Less than a year later (August 23rd) Space Cadets released their self-titled 4-track EP. For this project, the legendary James Ingram helped them record the EP.

Space Cadets EP

Ingram has worked with with many musicians, such as blink-182, Tyler the Creator, Michael Jackson, Mike Posner, and more. Space Cadets is one of those groups that can’t be too classified or categorized by the genre of music they perform. Pop and Hip-Hop are just two of the vibes we get from listening to Space Cadets music, along with lyrics that grab the attention of younger generations with lyrics like, “I’m in love or lust, I don’t really know / Met you in Boston, now I’m headed to the other coast / Changing the game, girl making fallacies truths / Facebook can’t supplant 3D version of you.”

If you’re a fan of groups like Emblem3, you’re definitely going to love this group.

Check out Space Cadets latest video for “Kissing” below:

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Space Cadets

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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