DISCOVER: Young Rising Sons and Their New Single, ‘Whiskey’

Here at CelebMix, we’re all for new music and discovering new artists. This time round, we are taking a look at Young Rising Sons with their single, ‘Whiskey’.

Who are Young Rising Sons?

At first glance, Young Rising Sons may seem like your typical Jersey band. However, they’re so much more that. With being raised on Bruce in the ‘Land of Hope and Dreams’, Young Rising Sons have grown into a family, with a foundation rooted in resilience. On a melancholy day in Fall, bassist Julian Dimagiba and Dummer Steve Patrick stumbled into a dive bar and caught Andy Tongren performing an acoustic set.

The pair then realised that Tongren, an Ohio-born singer-songwriter and guitarist, was what their band needed. They newly-formed Young Rising Sons instantly had chemistry, and the band were quick to throw themselves at circuits within the NYC and NJ areas. After beginning to develop a humble yet loyal fanbase, they met their now producers: Shep Goodman & Aaron Accetta.

How successful are Young Rising Sons?

Young Rising Sons got their big break in 2014, signing with production company Dirty Canvas Music, releasing one of their most well-known singles to date, ‘High’. It garnered the attention of fans and industry executives alike. The band went on a literal high (pun intended), signing with Interscope Records and initially released their self-titled EP featuring the viral single, ‘High’ shortly after the successful record deal.

Following new-found fame and success, the band continued to work on and release new material, which included a plethora of singles, two critically-acclaimed EPs and covers; with one being their take on Tove Lo’s breakthrough hit, ‘Habits (Stay High)’:

Young Rising Sons have performed across the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, touring with the likes of Halsey, The 1975 and The Neighbourhood. After a short hiatus, Young Rising Sons have made their long awaited return with ‘Whiskey‘ in hand. A statement piece produced by Brooklyn new-comer Jonny Fung, touting a new twist on the band’s acclaimed sound.

What does ‘Whiskey’ sound like?

To put it frank, ‘Whiskey’ is about addiction(s), whether it be to a substance, activity or even another human. It’s ever so easy for lines to blur, which will make your judgement become distorted, depending upon something or anything.  You fall into this push and pull routine where you can’t help but continue to come back to the source, no matter what kind of misery it may cause.  ‘Whiskey’ is about the moment where you have to say yes.

Young Rising Sons, along with their new single ‘Whiskey’ can be found on main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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