The Elusive Something In HomeTown’s Album

Ireland’s biggest and newest boyband, HomeTown just finished a tour in their actual hometown, now they’re ready to join The Vamps on their ‘Wake Up‘ Arena Tour in the UK.

Conor Maynard, whose ‘I’m Famous‘ video just came out and the new favourite band of California The Tide is also joining – you don’t want to miss out jumbo led side screens, ramps and these phenomenal acts!


HomeTown’s first, self-titled album was released on 20th November 2015. Though these six fellas were not included in the list of the songwriters, they cheekily made this album their really own.

It’s an enjoyable, well-composed and well-balanced pop album. We can find an elusive something in each song, which seizes us and not even let us go, makes us sure to love Ryan, Cian, Josh, Dayl, Dean and Brendan more than ever.

We’re eagerly looking forward to the next album of our favourite Irish guys!

If you haven’t checked them out yet, here’s a small sampling of their first album:

The album can be divided into two groups: catchy fast-paced songs and calm love ballads. – We are in love with both.


Starting with the first three singles “Where I Belong”, “Cry For Help” and “The Night We Met”, that are in the first three places of the track list, then following by “I Wrote This For You”, we can meet the above-mentioned catchy fast-paced songs. These tracks have their movement and a bit of the ‘pop-up your chair’ kind of style. Their melody makes people feel magnificent and makes them want to sing along. The acoustic guitar solos give a keynote to these songs correctly and then we can hear the Irish lads singing. We can’t just listen and forget about the lyrics because they’re meaningful.

“If ever you feel like you’re left by yourself, I can hear you cry for help.”

Oh, and guys, please answer us, because We don’t know “if it’s wrong listening to your song over and over again”.

With “Note To Self” and “Wanted”, we arrive at the gentle love ballads. Actually, “Wanted” is one of the best covers of HomeTown, and while listening, it gives us the campfire mood, and “Note To Self” is comforting and beautiful.

A little break with “Jigsaw Dreams”, that we put on our ‘catchy fast-paced songs’ list.

After the break, we’re at the ‘calm love ballads’ again. “Love Goes On”, “Roses”, “Standing In The Rain” and “For Your Love”. The tempo slightly slows down after “Jigsaw Dreams” and the mood changes to dramatic. “Standing In The Rain” is probably one of the purest songs on the album, and we can realise, all of these love songs are telling us, we’re needed, we’re loved.

“For Your Love” is the perfect song to close the mass of emotion that HomeTown rained upon us in the songs. The best closing song for a first album, and while at the other songs on the album, the joint work of guitar and drums are giving the musical focus, at “For Your Love”, the primary focus is on the piano.

The boys’ high notes provide the cherry on the cake, but we miss Dayl and Josh – seems like they should have more solos, although we love listening to the angel voice of Brendan, Dean’s, Ryan’s and Cian’s original voices!


  1. I Wrote This For You
  2. Standing In The Rain
  3. Roses

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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