Emerging to fame Juvahn Victoria is touching the world through her music

We all come from different roots. Some roots are bright and well watered that easily find the surface and others are piled underneath the dirt that have to fight to blossom. They say the ones who face the most adversities fight the hardest but shine the brightest.  This is the story of Juvahn Victoria, a well known music artist from Australia. Despite the toxic cards she was dealt she found her strength in music being recognized as a rising star touching the world through her attractive and blissful sounding songs .   

Juvahn uncovered her talent when she was singing in a choir where she noticed how moving the sound of her voice was to those listening. After discovering the power of music it became her gateway to escaping the adversities she faced growing up.  Her voice lit up the lost flames in people’s hearts and captured the peace she was longing for. From then on it became her passion, her drive, and she decided to take her gift to Los Angeles, California.

There is no path to greatness that is easy but a strong determined woman like Juvahn there was no obstacle she couldn’t overcome. As Oprah Winfrey said “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness”,  and Juvahn did exactly that.  Today she’s become an established music artist with over 100,000 followers and has been featured in several blogs including an interview by the most reputable magazine in the music industry The Source.  

Juvahn brings a unique style to the music industry. In her singles “Vibes”, “City”, “That’s what I thought”, and her new single “2 am”, they showcased her rare Polynesian and Palestinian influence thats taking the internet by storm. “That’s what I thought” became a hit after it was inspired from experiencing an abusive relationship. It was a song where she opened the curtains to a dark time in her life that women found very relatable and empowering.

Her music videos on youtube are gaining a lot of attention. She’s not only an artist but an advocate for empowering women. She’s spreading the message that all women from different shapes and sizes are beautiful and encouraging them to feel more confident in their own skin. Her music video “Vibes”  ascended this message to the thousands who watched it.   

As a jack of all trades, Juvahn founded JV Inc., a recording label with her partner Oscar. They have a one of a kind, in-house production team with three signed artists, and are consistently working to expand their JV Inc. family. Her goal is to build a family within their label and build a platform for others to be the best version of themselves.

When she’s not in the studio making music, she’s exploring her love for fashion. Her newest project is her fashion line, Juvahn Victoria.  She wants to share her extravagant style of fashion in a way where others can wear it. This multi-talented lady boss with a bright future is taking on the world and soon will be an Icon for women.  

Written by Bryce Cannon