EXCLUSIVE: CelebMix chats with The Adelaides at BST Hyde Park

If you’ve yet to hear of The Adelaides, then trust us when we tell you that they’ll soon be the name on everyone’s lips.

The county three-piece ooze star quality as they possess the look, personality and sound to be a huge name in the country world. With the rise of the recent Yee-haw movement and their infectious debut singles, the midlands trio has a promising future. After releasing just two singles the girls have hit the ground running capturing the attention of music lovers and critics alike.

Last Friday, The Adelaides returned to BST Hyde Park, delivering a stunning set on the Barclay Card stage. After they performed, we sat down with them to discuss their new music, on-stage mishaps, dream collaborations and more.

You’ve recently released your first two singles ‘Leave’ and ‘Good Love’, how has the reaction been so far?

So good, we’ve actually been playlisted on a few playlists on Spotify so that’s really helped with the streams and we’re kind of just plugging it at any moment and its been going really well. BBC 2 also playlisted us so they’ve been playing it a lot which is so awesome and now we’re seeing people singing along to it in the crowd because now it’s out they know it and are loving it and you can have that connection with them. We’ve also got our first music video coming out for ‘Good Love’ which we feel is such a good video to release.

How does it feel for you knowing a song all three of you recorded in the studio together can now be heard by anyone worldwide?

It’s so surreal! We got told earlier that people have actually been ringing in to radio stations to request our songs and that is absolutely mad but we just can’t wait to be out in public and hear it.

And with only two singles under your belt how does it feel to be playing at British Summer Time alongside huge names such as Celine Dion?

Unreal, because a year ago we were performing at a burger stand in Birmingham whilst she was performing on the main stage so to be on the line-up with her is just insane.

How did you all meet?

Me and Abbie knew each other and were in a band before but it was just us two at the time and we were looking for a third member and we actually found Alicia on YouTube so we saw some of her videos and thought she could SAAAANG so we just got in touch with her and she was interested so we met and she turned up wearing tassels and instantly we knew she was the one.

What are your plans for summer? More festival slots etc?

Yeah we have a couple in Newcastle, some in Millport, one in Blackpool and we were actually supposed to be supporting Jess Glynne next week but she’s poorly so that’s obviously not happening. We hope she gets better soon and hopefully, we’ll have the chance when its rescheduled.

And what are your favourite and least favourite things about touring?

I think one of the best things is going to all the different places because in January we went on tour and we did a venue in Bristol and the crowd were just mental so it’s just nice to see the different audiences in different areas. Not the worst but a sad thing about touring is that often we don’t get to see the cities were in that much because unless you get a day off then you’re basically in soundcheck or working all day.

Have you had any embarrassing on stage moments?

So many we’ll be here all day! The main thing is wardrobe malfunctions….one time at our first ever show at the pride of Birmingham I was wearing this jumpsuit and the zip broke ten minutes before we had to go on stage so I had to crab walk onto the stage and then I decided to sit on a piece of chocolate so I know you can imagine.

I’ve been asking this question to everybody, who would be a dream collaboration for you girls?

I think Dan and Shay would be great, we’ve met them and they were so nice and have such a great presence, also we love Maren Morris as well and feel that she’s really paved a way for country music recently in the UK with that track called ‘Middle’. The last one we have to mention would be Dolly Parton.

Lastly, what are you most excited for in the year ahead?

Definitely has to be the Royal Albert Hall. We’re performing at the Royal Albert Hall in October with Charles Eston and we can’t wait.

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Written by Arun Mohammed

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