Exclusive: Fly by Midnight Talk all Things ‘Waking Up’

Fly by Midnight have released a new single called ‘Waking Up’. We got to interview them, and ask them all about it.


So your new single is called ‘Waking Up’, could you tell us more about the track?

Justin: We wrote “Waking Up” on one of our first writing trips to Los Angeles. It’s a genuine snapshot of what we were both feeling and where we were at that time.

Slavo: The track as a whole is about that euphoric moment when you realize you’ve found the person who’s meant for you. I call it the Claritin moment.

Justin: A lot the writing around that trip was very deep too.. so we were itching to create a track that felt more carefree and fun.


What did you enjoy the most about the process of making ‘Waking Up’?

Slavo: We wrote “Waking Up” in a beautiful studio out in Sherman Oaks with our now good friend Alessandro. Coming from working out of a small closet studio in New York to a studio space that felt like the inside of a spaceship was inspiring in itself and definitely my favorite part of the creation process.


Do you believe that ‘Waking Up’ is among the best songs you have made?

Justin: Like most artists our favorite song is usually our latest. “Waking Up” is just so feel good that we knew it had to be a summer single. It’s a track we’ve played for close friends for months now and it quickly became their favorite. It’s good to have a circle of people around that you can show music too. Slavo & I are so close to the creation process that sometimes its hard for us to tell what songs are better than others laugh.


Do you think ‘Waking Up’ has the potential to be a fan favourite?

Slavo: I do. Similar to our track “Vibe”, this single feels like a universal celebration that we hope will resonate with fans of ours from all over the world.

Justin: Yeah.. on one side there’s the emotional connection the song dives into, but its also just a positive song that is relatable outside of the romantic narrative.

Slavo: There’s definitely songs on the next album that delve a bit darker, but we know fans of our music want to listen to uplifting songs as well. Windows down, first day of summer vibes.


What is an average day like for you as a group?

Justin: The past three months we’ve been in LA. Little two bedroom house with a studio we built in a separate room.

Slavo: Typical day lately.. we’ll wake up, grab Starbucks, make breakfast, get in a couple games of Rocket League and then dive into making music.

Justin: Drink coffee and create until about 3-4AM and then do it all over again.


What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Slavo: There’s definitely a sophomore album being worked on that we’re hoping will come out soon.

Justin: We’re also in talks for a couple of exciting tour opportunities. Would love to be able to take this new music on the road.

Finally, what advice would you have for an aspiring musician wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Justin: I think we’ve learned even more lately not to be afraid of where the journey takes you. We’ve found ourselves splitting time all of a sudden working with other killer artists on their own projects. It wasn’t something we foresaw, but from that Fly By Midnight has grown as well. Let your career pave its own way.

Slavo: Just to add to that I’d say constantly strive to get better in your craft. We listen to new music every day because we want to absorb the latest & greatest. When we’re releasing music we aim to “compete” with the top artists in the world. The only way to do that is to grow and continue to improve your skill.


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Written by Emily Severn

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