EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Dylan Dunlap

Dylan Dunlap is a singer-songwriter who is based in LA. He has recently released his new EP ‘Feels Right At Home’, and will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the record to PSA Behavioral Health Agency in Phoenix, AZ. Their vision is to bring services to multiple communities by promoting hope, recovery, diversity, and wellness via innovative programs, affordable housing, and peer-directed treatment for children and adults with behavioral health issues.

Here we talk to Dylan Dunlap about his new music, inspirations, future plans, mental health, and more.

Growing up who inspired you to get into music? 
My dad inspired me to mess around on the piano when I was 6 years old! Every time I visited him for a weekend, I would literally always run towards one of the keyboards he had laying around his house in Sherman Oaks.

Who were your musical influences as a kid? 
I hate to be cliche and say it again, but my dad was probably my one and only influence as a kid, other than Chris Martin. I don’t even know why. Haha I just thought my dad was the coolest person I had ever met. 

Apart from music what other interests do you have? 
It may sound crazy, but I make an effort to see every single movie that comes out. It used to be because of the scores and soundtracks, but now I just love taking a couple hours off from the grind to enjoy the films that come out. It’s very therapeutic for me. 

Which artists are you currently listening to? 
This week specifically, I’m grooving to London Grammar, Amber Run, BOY, Imagine Dragons, and Royal Blood. 

If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose? 
Coldplay. No hesitation.

What made you want to support PSA Behavioral Health Agency through the release of your EP? 
Part of me wants to shift the focus onto more important things than making money off this EP. I want to raise awareness about what they’re doing in Phoenix simply because what they’re doing is absolutely beautiful. Talking about mental health is a big thing for me, as I have recently discovered that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. As I am going through this journey of understanding it all more, I also want to send a message to my listeners that they don’t need to go through any mental distress alone, which is why I am always giving out my e-mail to those that are in need of somebody to talk to.

Do you think music can help remove the stigma around mental health? 
I do. Music is the perfect opportunity to bring so many different kinds of people together, and I think that once some more light is shed onto mental health in the industry, music could really have the ability to help a lot of people. Even more than it already does.  

Do you have any advice for anyone who may be struggling with mental health issues? 
I never want to seem like I have all the answers, because I certainly do not. I will say that the best thing you could do is re-evaluate the people that you have in your life. You never know who has actually been there for you the whole time that you can open up to about what you’re currently struggling with.

What do you hope to achieve over the next ten years? 
Ten years? Dang. I honestly just want to play for people and make them smile, and if one day I can do that on a bigger scale for people all over the world, I will be the happiest guy you’ve ever met. I just want to spread love and positivity during my time here. Also, performing at every music festival in America would be a dream.  

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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