Exclusive: Interview with Picturesque

Picturesque, an upcoming rock band from Lexington, KY, released their debut EP Monstrous Things only last November –– and they already have big plans for the fall.

In less than a week, Picturesque will be returning to the stage to tour with bands I the Mighty, Dayshell, and Artifex Pereo until mid-October. Signed with Equal Vision Records, the band is comprised of five members: frontman and vocalist Kyle Hollis, guitarist Zach Williamson, guitarist Dylan Forrester, bassist Robert Mote, and drummer Cole Clark. Made up of talented and strong-willed musicians, Picturesque is definitely a name in the music world you’ll want to remember.

We at CelebMix got the opportunity to chat with Kyle about the band’s music style, the truth behind the name “Picturesque”, and how excited they are to tour again!

Picturesque performing in Phoenix on July 22, 2016. Photo Credit: Jeremy Keeney
Picturesque performing in Phoenix on July 22, 2016. Photo Credit: Jeremy Keeney

CM: Hello Kyle! Do you think you could describe to our readers what your music is like?

K: Post-Rock. It’s aggressive but still has a hook!

CM: What inspired you all to pursue music?

K: Growing up in the local scene and enjoying shows.

CM: How did you form the band together, and what is it like to perform as a team (in contrast to performing as individuals)?

K: We sort of formed what we believed was a local supergroup but we were missing a drummer. So, we snagged Cole and moved to Kentucky.

CM: Can you describe to us what it’s like to perform onstage to an audience?

K: It’s the best feeling in the world! It’s a super humbling adrenaline rush, if that makes any sense. Especially when you hear the audience singing along over yourself.

CM: Where exactly did the name “Picturesque” come from?

K: From a list of about 30 names, and it’s the only one that stuck and sort of fit the vibe we wanted to go for.

CM: In less than a week, the band will be touring again. How pumped are you guys to get back on the road? What are you looking forward to the most?

K: Hella pumped! We’re always excited to be on the road and to see everyone again! Well, that and completing the Pokédex!

CM: Does Picturesque have any pre-show rituals, like a listening to a certain song or group chanting?

K: Not really. We all kinda space and warm up.

CM: What can we expect from you guys’ music by the time 2017 rolls around?

K: Hopefully some new music!

CM: Where do you all see yourselves exactly one year from now?

K: Touring and grinding still!

CM: It looks like we’re almost done here! Would you all like to say a few final words to our readers and any potential listeners?

K: Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

Thanks for talking to us at CelebMix, Kyle! We look forward to what Picturesque has in store for the future, and hope that the tour goes well!

Be sure to watch Picturesque’s latest music video for their single “Monstrous Things” below!

You can buy tickets to see Picturesque live by going to http://www.picturesqueband.com/tour. Also, you can listen to Monstrous Things on Spotify, or purchase it on iTunes!

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Written by Celine Low

Based in TX. Passionate about music, film, photography, & journalism.