Exclusive: “Minds at War” web series trailer is revealed

Historical film and literature has surged in popularity among creative directors and writers as of late. Aside from new Hollywood films like Dunkirk and Allied starring big name producers and casts, historical war events are also being retold via the Internet! Minds at War is a World War Two retelling, starring Solomon Taiwo Justified, who we have previously featured on our website!

Minds at War follows a group of British soldiers, who are divided by a decision in Nazi-occupied France. Whilst at conflict with themselves, they are being hunted by a deadly threat.

Exclusive: "Minds at War" web series trailer is revealed 2

“There’s a thin line between monster and men.”

The web series is written by Carl Bradshaw and directed by Dom Tugby.

For historical drama film fans, you’re in luck… CelebMix is exclusively unveiling the official trailer of Minds at War! Have a look below:


Here is the full cast and characters list:

  • Lieutenant Frey Thompson – Jamie Lee-Hill
  • Staff Sergeant Austin Gray – Solomon Taiwo Justified
  • Sergeant Lawrence Wilfred – Jack Gover
  • Corporal Edward Forbes – Ewen Macintosh
  • Private Roger Isaacs – Sean Pogmore
  • Josef Bachmaier – Callum Diaz
  • Oskar Amesberg – Chad Echakowitz
  • Nazi Officer 1 – Rich Stone
  • Nazi Officer 2 – Nick Stone
  • British Solider extra – Martin Winchester
  • British Solider extra 2 – Morgan Shenton
  • Alice Wilfred – Lynsey Austin
  • Winston Churchill – Geoffrey Osborne

Exclusive: "Minds at War" web series trailer is revealed 4

Before you’re a hero, you’re a monster.

Be sure to check out the series as the episodes are uploaded. Keep up to date on CelebMix or the official Minds at War Facebook page.

The web series now has an Indie GoGo page. Support the project here.

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Written by Uyen