EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Chonna Cristelle’s Soulful Single “Leave Letter”

Texas singer Chonna Cristelle is releasing her second single “Leave Letter”, premiering today on CelebMix.

Turbulent life experiences not only shaped Chonna into the woman she is today, but provided inspiration for much of her music. Writing poetry in her diary was her way of expressing emotions when she was too shy to use her own singing voice, even though she dreamed of becoming a singer.

“Leave Letter” will be the second single from Chonna’s upcoming 4-song EP. During the writing process, she says she was going through a period of self-discovery as she faced feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness. The debut single and title track “Ink Blot” sheds light on mental health and the importance of expressing one’s inner thoughts. “Mental health is something that needs to be shared, not simply medicated,” said Chonna.

The theme of self-exploration continues with “Leave Letter”, a breakup song inspired by a time in Chonna’s life when “leaving seemed like the right answer.” In the track, she expresses how self-love was what she needed most at the time. Even though she admits the breakup hurts, she tells her partner that it will only get easier with time.

“I wrote this song in a time of self-doubt and greener grass syndrome. I was falling in love with anything and everything other than what was right in front of me. Learning to love myself rather than seeking the love I thought I needed was the most healing part of writing this song. Grass is greenest where it’s watered.”

The music video for the track features Chonna’s soulful performance of the song and flashes of the “leave letter” being written and discovered by her partner.

Watch the video for “Leave Letter” below!

“Leave Letter” is out now and available to stream on Spotify!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.