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RoadTrip are an up and coming boy band who are currently touring the UK and Ireland, for the first time ever. The band consists of Mikey Cobban, Andy Fowler, Rye Beaumont and Brooklyn Gibson.

The group are managed by ex pop star Blair Dreelan, who was a member of East 17 in the 90’s.

18 year old singer Josh Taylor is the supporting act for the boys tour alongside other artists who change according to city. The supporting act for Glasgow show was 15 year old Angel Gold, an aspiring singer. The crowd was also surprised with a performance from 16 year old singer Harvey, which the crowd loved.

We managed to sit down with the boys at their Glasgow show, and asked them a few quick questions.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would you like to collaborate with?

Rye: Ed Sheeran.

Brooklyn: I’d say JB, Justin Bieber.

Mikey: Ariana Grande.

Andy: East 17.

Do you have any future plans for an album?

Rye: Yes we do! We are currently in the mix of making our album and have quite a few songs ready that you will see soon.

Andy: We are in the studio right now and are doing some originals on tour, so if you are coming to the tour make sure to listen out for them.

What is your favourite thing about being in a band?

Rye: These guys! I love living with these guys.

Mikey: The fact that we live together as well is really special.

Andy: You know what, Roadies as well, like fans genuinely make it amazing. Today the fact that the crowd was amazing through the full show was incredible. And having these guys on stage as well was just amazing.

Rye: Glasgow brought it!

Brooklyn: You brought it to us!

Mikey: It was the best start to a tour, it was amazing.

If you could go anywhere on tour, where would you go?

Andy: Glasgow!

Andy: I think everywhere we are going on tour is awesome because it’s like a lot of major cities but there is still loads to do.

Rye: All around the world.

Brooklyn: We want to travel the world.

Andy: Yeah, every major city not just in the UK, not just in Ireland, in the world! And then after the major cities, the towns, the cities, everywhere, we just want to meet a lot of fans.

Interviewer: Yeah, I know you have a lot of French Roadies.

All: Yeah!

Mikey: Yeah, they make us trend over there a lot.

Do you have any celebrity crushes?

Andy: Ryan Beaumont!

Rye: Andy Fowler!

Mikey: I’d say Ariana, I like Ariana Grande.

Brooklyn: I’d have to say…you choose for me Rye.

Rye: I reckon for Brooky boy….

Mikey: Selena Gomez!

Brooklyn: Yeah, Selena Gomez, I’ve been wanting her hair!

Rye: Yeah, Selena Gomez! He always talks about Selena Gomez.

Andy: I love Selena Gomez. [ mocking Brooklyn ]

Rye: It’s between Mila Kunis and Jade from Little Mix.

Andy: Right I’m going to steal both of his. I’m going to steal Mila Kunis and I’m going to steal Jade, hi Jade love you! And I’m also going to add Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony.

Interviewer: I love Fifth Harmony!

Andy: Yes! Camila you come to my house, we will marry, you are beautiful!

Mikey: And come to our tour.

Andy: Yeah come to our tour. Come to our house.

Who is your inspirations/idols?

Andy: It’s between 90’s music, like Brooky especially, who do you like?

Brooklyn: I really like NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

Andy: And obviously our manager was in a band in the 90’s so we have that influence, and also I think that the way we work, we don’t do talent shows, we want to do it the right way. We want to meet as many Roadies as we can and keep building till we can make it. That’s a very 90’s method.

Who would you like to play you in a movie?

Rye: Just because I am watching it right now, Pirates of the Caribbean, I’d say Jack Sparrow.

Andy: Jack Sparrow or Johnny Depp? Or Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow?

Rye: I mean Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

Andy: So Jack Sparrow is you?

Rye: The guy with the swords and the boats!

Brooklyn: This is so confusing!

Andy: So he is Jack Sparrow and Jack Sparrow is you, so he has to play two roles, so he has to do Jack Sparrow’s interpretation of Rye Beaumont?

Rye: Yeah, you know what I mean.

Andy: Sick! That’s sick!

Brooklyn: I have no idea what you mean.

Brooklyn: I’d be Justin Timberlake.

Andy: No Justin Timberlake would be you!

Brooklyn: Oh alright, is that the idea? I am very sorry!

Andy: That’s what I was like Jack Sparrow is playing you!

Andy: Who’d play me?

Mikey: I’d like James Corden.

Andy: For you?

Mikey: Yeah, I’d be James Corden.

Rye: James Corden is a legend.

Andy: Not looking but personality wise, you are the same as James Corden.

Mikey: A bit.

Andy: No but seriously.

Andy: Who’d play me?

Rye: Leo?

Andy: Yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio because we have the same face right?

Rye: You are both small,

Brooklyn: And blonde.

Andy: And beautiful.

Brooklyn: You are beautiful. You are like the ocean.

Rye: Thank you for asking your questions.

All: Thank you!

Would you like to say anything to the camera?

Rye: We have our album coming out in the next year, you will see that so that’s handy.

Mikey: Check us out on social media.

Andy: @RoadTrip3000!

Rye: And if you haven’t yet got tickets to our tour it is still ongoing.

Andy: You can get them at alstarmusic.co.uk but before you do all of that, make sure to check out @CelebMix it’s awesome.

Andy: CelebMix, thank you!

Make sure to check out Road Trips’s YouTube channel, ‘ Road Trip TV,’ HERE.

Check out their cover of Fifth Harmony’s hit single, ‘ Work From Home,’ below.


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