EXCLUSIVE: Seafret Interview and Gig Review

Seafret played 2Q Festival in Derby this weekend and CelebMix had the opportunity to meet the boys in person to ask a few questions and see them play songs from their new album Tell Me It’s Real.

Bridlington band, Seafret released their debut album Tell Me It’s Real 29th January 2016 and we fell in love with it so much that we had to see the duo, made up of Harry Draper and Jack Sedman, perform live. We got the chance to not only meet the boys and ask them a few questions, but we were also given the opportunity to have front row viewing of their set at 2Q Festival on Saturday 9th March 2016.

We sat down with Harry and Jack for a bite to eat after they invited us to join them for dinner (yes, really!) and we indulged in a little pre-interview chat. We talked about some of the bands that had been playing some of the venues at 2Q that they, unfortunately, missed out on. We gave Seafret some band names to look up after spending the day at the festival and we talked all things from home-life in their hometown of Bridlington to discussing Harry stealing Jack’s jumper (and how he has no intention to return it) to how much Nando’s the boys can consume amongst themselves in a week. Both Harry and Jack have a great sense of humour and when we were talking about school life in their hometown Harry reminisced about MSN text talk and jokingly asked Jack “WUU2” (for those who don’t know that’s ‘what are you up to’) to which Jack bounced right back with “NM” (Nothing much) and we shared a good laugh before we got to the interview questions.



First of all, how long have you both been performing separately?

Jack: I started singing when I was 18, and the first time I ever performed was at an open-mic night in Sewerby between Flamborough and Bridlington where we were brought up and it was my first time I had ever played live and on that night I met Harry. Harry was 15, weren’t you?

Harry: Yeah, I’d been playing for a couple of years. I started playing when I was 13, I was playing the banjo in my dad’s band and then we hit it off, it was love at first sight and that was it, the ball started rolling.

Jack: Yeah, Harry was there playing his banjo and I walked in and I was really nervous, I’d never been to anything like it before and it was very intimate, they had no microphones…

Harry: They are very nerve wracking, though…

Jack: There was nothing, just everyone in chairs in lines towards this corner with a couple of candles lit and a red drape behind the stage and you just had to sit on the chair and play.

Harry: …and all you can see is the piercing eyes of people…

Jack: Harry was playing with his dad’s band and it was an Americana Bluegrass type and he was playing this banjo and I was like “who is that?”

Harry: [Mocking himself] weird child playing the banjo…

Jack: Yeah cause you were really small, weren’t you? [mocks banjo sound] Playing this old instrument… and I’d like, never seen anyone play the banjo before so I was like what? Then I played and after the open mic night, Harry’s dad came over to me at the end and said you guys should play together and we were like “yeah, we could do” and then the following week we got together and that first week we started jamming…

Harry: Yeah, we did a few covers and then we started writing tunes straight away

Jack: We started writing our own songs, I’d never written songs before and Harry just had loads of guitar work, tunes and stuff, and I was like “I think I can write to that” and we started recording in Harry’s bedroom. The first night we met we recorded a cover of Walking Man by Seasick Steve and then we showed the cover to my mum and she just started crying ‘cause my dad’s always been in bands, he’s always been a singer…


Where do you find inspiration for your lyrics and music?

Harry: Everywhere!

Jack: Yeah…

(The lads jokingly start talking in their MSN talk)

Harry: “Wuubu2”

Jack: “NM… WBU”

Harry: Um… everywhere, listening to other songs, seeing other artists play live is very inspiring.

Jack: I think for this first record that we’ve just done it was the change from moving from living in Bridlington to living in London. There’s a lot of longing for what you’re used to…

Harry: Yeah, like where you’re missing loved ones and friends and family…

Jack: It was a big change in our lives to leave a small town and then move to London it’s a different world, almost. So much to take in.

Harry: One extreme to the other.

Jack: I think, initially, instead of writing about life and situations and things like that which we, kind of, are doing right now, it’s more to do with us getting used to being in a different place. It was tough; it was hard to leave everyone. It’s not just like girlfriends we had at the time, it’s all our family.

Harry: We both had a really strong friend group as well, so to suddenly take yourself out of that?

Jack: But it all started with them and without them we wouldn’t be confident enough to move to London. The open mics in Bridlington and things like that people came and crowded these bars to see us and we thought it was a joke at first.

Harry: If it weren’t for that, then we wouldn’t have had the…

Jack: …family first and then friends then the public…

Harry: …it pushes you along.

Jack: It was just something that generated a buzz that we liked to do…

Harry: …which is still the case, really.


You have quite a big, growing fan base internationally… If you could play at any venue in the world, where would that be?

Harry: I’ve always wanted to play Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London. It’s not Brazil or anywhere but it is a gorgeous venue. We were meant to be playing there before Christmas with Kodaline but it got cancelled so…


What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Jack: Best venue, I really enjoyed playing The Roundhouse in Camden… That was amazing.

Harry: Two weeks ago we did Kodaline and it’s such a gorgeous place…

Jack: We’ve played the Bridlington Spa in the main hall…

Harry: To headline it, though!

Jack: My dad always wanted to play there and he never got there…

Harry: that’s really the only place around Bridlington that you can really aspire to play at because there’s nowhere else…


Following your debut album, if you could collaborate with any 3 artists who would it be and why?

Harry: First one…

Both: Jack White!

Harry: Because he’s a genius… god, there’s so many people!

Jack: I love Sia’s voice. She’s a very current thing as well…

Harry: Snoop Dog! …because he’s got phat beats. I love his phat beats. Phat beats.


There’s a lot of social media talk about creating new music, do you have any news on that? Can you tell us anything?

Harry: It’s very early…

Jack: Yeah, because we put the record out in late January and because we know we’ve got the tour coming up and summer festivals and then more touring we thought let’s get stuck into album two, now. Everyone says it’s the tricky one to follow up, you know because you get so much time because you’re finding your feet when you’re writing your first record.

Harry: Yeah, you know, we had two years to write the first one and then suddenly you’ve got 5 months, with tours in between as well. But we’re on a bit of a roll at the minute; we’re just riding that wave.

Jack: We’re doing it all in our bedroom too. Well, my bedroom.

Harry: Not our bedroom [they laugh]


Everybody talks about their favourite song on your album, what about your favourite song?

Jack: I like To The Sea, it changes every day, though. We don’t listen to it a lot, it’s kinda like looking at your own artwork.

Harry: I haven’t listened to it for ages! I’ve only listened to it maybe twice, all the way through.

Jack: There’s a Light was our favourite because it was the most current song we’d written.

Harry: That’s still my favourite song.

Jack: I like To The Sea, my sister actually walked down the aisle to it at her wedding, so it’s just special to me. It was one of the first songs we wrote together as well, it’s kind of followed us.

Harry: We never thought that song would make it on the album when we were deciding tracklists

Jack: We had to get Rosie Carney singing on it as well, which gives it a love twist.


So, what is your biggest challenge as a band?

Harry: I don’t think we’ve ever… I mean, we get on so well?

Jack: Yeah, we have a bond like it doesn’t really matter what everybody else does. The trickiest thing is, especially at the minute is once it starts picking up pace and people start commenting on us, everything starts going on around you and you have to knuckle down and remember why you’re there and just keep making music. People will try to lead you down a different path, you just have to stick to your guns and say no. Do it your own way.


Do you have any advice for fans wanting to start their own band?

Harry: Just do it. If you want to do it, you’ll do it. You should just play everywhere and anywhere that you can. You never know when you’ll get spotted, we got spotted in a club called The Bluebell at Burton Agnes and the room was full with only ten people in there so you should never try and aspire to play these big venues the small ones still count!

Jack: Just play everywhere you can. Write your own music. Prove yourself.


In your spare time, other than making music, what do you like to do?

Harry: [Laughs] MAKE MUSIC!

Other than that…

Harry: I like drinking alcohol. Proper band-y.

Jack: Reading, music, getting out of the city, going home, doing something that’s got nothing to do with music which is always nice…

Harry: …which is also hard.

Jack: Go to other shows.

Harry: Yeah, we go to a lot of gigs when we can.

Jack: Go seeing people we haven’t had the time to see, that’s what happens at the minute. If we get two free days and we end up going home it’s like everyone wants to see you and you have to see everyone all at once.

Harry: You need a bit of a holiday after it.

Jack: You have to keep your feet on the ground, really.


Name 5 things each of you couldn’t live without on a desert island?


1 – Harry

2 – Guitar

3 – Notepad

4 – One pen that doesn’t run out of ink

5 – Water.

….sorry mum!


1 – Jack

2 – Guitar

3 – Tobacco plant (self-sustainable because I want to have cigarettes!)

4 – Water

5 – A Wagamamas


On your music playlist, what is your most favourite song?

(They’re checking their playlists now)

Harry: No! We’re not cheating, we know it off by heart! I’m really loving Borns – 10,000 Emerald Pools.

Jack: I like Roosbeef, we saw them in Rotterdam… They’re Dutch so I don’t have a clue what they’re singing about but the vocals…. [he smiles]


How will you be calming your nerves before your show tonight?

Harry: We always get a bit nervous… we like to have a couple of beers.

Jack: So long as the stage is set up and you know that the sound is good you can enjoy it, if your sound is terrible through your monitor and you haven’t had time… A lot of these little festivals the turnover for bands is really quick, you usually only get 5 to 10 minutes to set up.

Harry: As long as we’re happy on stage then we’ll be fine.

Jack: Just be happy.


Do you have a message for your fans?

Both: We love ‘em.

Harry: We wouldn’t be able to do it without them, we love them!

Jack: We do get messages all the time, through Twitter and things like that and we can’t reply to them all and we really try to by saying thank you. There’s just so many. We feel privileged.  

Harry: It’s amazing to have the support, it pushes us.

Jack: Thank you fans!


Thank you for talking to CelebMix. Would you like to say anything else?

Harry: Well, yeah. We’ve been Seafret and you’ve been great!

Jack: Thanks, CelebMix!

 You can hear the full audio of the interview and get a real feel of Seafret in the video below.




 Gig Review

Seafret walked onto the stage full of confidence and beaming smiles, it was impossible to believe that they could have been nervous by looking at them. Jack introduced himself and Harry to the audience explaining that Seafret have never played in Derby before and said that the band has just played a gig in London. Jack gave a shout out to the band’s Northern roots and asked if the audience has heard of their hometown, Bridlington, a few cheers in the audience caused a bit of friendly banter between Seafret and the audience as they started talking about places around the North-East of England.

Seafret opened their set with Give Me Something where Jack (vocals) performed a very vocally strong and impressive introduction. Harry, as always, never missed a chord on his guitar, creating multiple magical musical sounds with just his one instrument, the trusty guitar, like we have never seen before. Hearing the emotion in Jack’s voice was one thing, seeing it on his face right before our eyes just made the experience a whole lot better. Want to see their performance of Give Me Something? Take a look at the video below!



Explosion was introduced as the next song, Harry prepped his guitar ready and started playing the introductory music like the chords are stuck in his memory and he no longer has to think about it. Jack stepped up to the mic and simply carried us away on a lyrical journey and somebody after the performance even complimented his vocal talent by asking if he could be hired to sing the audience member to sleep.



Up next on the live playlist, Atlantis. From the build up of the chorus to the soft sweep of Jack’s voice the audience were taken on a great ride to Atlantis. Harry’s guitar playing is extreme, and we’re not quite sure how he does this for so long! The gentle on stage movements that they both made as they felt the music was contagious and we found ourselves swaying along and nodding our head to the sound of their music.



Wildfire was a request from the audience following the popular music video on YouTube, which you should check out after seeing their 2Q performance below. Wildfire was one of the best songs they played live if we had to pick. Audience members sang along and we were amazed at how much the acoustic guitar and vocals sound so perfect like the album track. Jack was so pronounced in his singing that you could understand every single word which made the performance so catchy.



Last song Be There really proved how vocally talented Jack is with a large vocal range and Harry, unsurprisingly, stunned with his guitar skills once again. We were taken back by just how many different sounds one person can make with one instrument. Jack’s voice being naturally husky was pure perfection for this number, and we’d love to see them perform this set together again.


The set list for Seafret wasn’t decided before the band went on stage, they just played what they got the feel of at the time, which proved to us at CelebMix just how diverse and talented the boys are! Audience members familiar with their recent album Tell Me It’s Real would shout out song requests and the boys were more than happy to meet those requests catering to the audience demand. The entire live set Seafret played sounded just like their album so real, raw and relatable.

If you’ve not bought their album yet and you enjoyed the clips in the article from the festival we highly recommend that you buy it and support them! Seafret are such down to earth, all round lovely lads both on stage and off. We’re rooting for you Jack and Harry, thanks for talking to CelebMix and for playing a fantastic gig!

Were you at 2Q Festival? What do you think of Seafret after their interview? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix