Five Reasons Why Little Mix’s Talent Should Be Appreciated More

At this point in time, you could say that Little Mix have a long musical path ahead of them. But how can this longevity continue if the bands management and/or record label isn’t so keen on them getting more attention? (someone prove us wrong). Will the girls eventually pull a Spice Girls move and fire their management team to do all the work themselves? Or should they move on to better and find a more suitable record label?

The questions and opinions continue, but here are five reasons why their talent should be more appreciated and not go unnoticed!

1) Little Mix Can Harmonize Instantaneously Even In A Joking Matter

Yep. Little Mix can sing alright, but the fact that they can joke around and still create capable harmonies is downright amazing. Check the video out below for yourself. No wonder their sound-checks are always flawless! If Little Mix ever released an operatic pop album, it’ll be going immediately into our shopping cart!

2) Get Weird Is Their Third Consecutive Platinum Album

Ehem, something that not ONE other girl group this decade has achieved. That’s another thing – the girls’ achievements after just 3 albums is pretty good considering they haven’t had a massive worldwide promotional wheel. So hats off to you girls! P.S. – in just 7 weeks the girls’ Get Weird album has sold 482,000 copies worldwide in pure sales! It’s coming for that double platinum certification.

3) The Whole World Wants Little Mix

If you haven’t read our recent article discussing the numerous countries wanting Little Mix to visit, then you need to see it ASAP! Click here to read all about it! Basically, every other major country wants to see Little Mix and their persistent social media trends says it all. Unfortunately, their record label and management haven’t seen it – and if they have, well bring it on ladies and gentlemen!

4) They Have Been Praised By Elton John – THE ELTON JOHN

If you don’t know who Elton John is, shame on you! He has the best selling single of all time (after the use of pop charts began) and he just so happens to love Little Mix! He even came up to them telling the girl group how fascinated he was with their chart numbers and their number one hit ‘Black Magic’. It seems that the mixers aren’t the only ones paying attention to the girls’ amazing achievements. In conclusion, Elton John is a Little Mix stan – wonderful really.

5) There’s a 99.9999999% percent chance they’ll get nominated for a BRIT award (the .01% is the rigged area).

2015 was definitely Little Mix’s year – well the latter half of the year anyway. But ‘Black Magic’ is one of the best selling singles of the year and their Get Weird album is also on the best selling albums of the year list. They’ll AT LEAST get nominated for one Brit Award and if they don’t, then we call rigged because we ALL know the girls had a massive year. The receipts don’t lie! (we’re watching you Brits, and so are the girls).

Five Reasons Why Little Mix's Talent Should Not Be Ignored 1

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.