What happened when New Hope Club asked our followers for selfies?

Fans love it when their favourite group makes an effort to interact with them. There are always artists who often go the extra mile to make their fans happy and New Hope Club is definitely one of them.

The boys are popular for not just their songs but also for their good treatment of their fans. Be it funny meet and greets or intimate Q&A sessions on Twitter, they never let their fans feel alone.

Today, New Hope Club took over our Twitter channel and posted a selfie with funny faces. They asked the fans to do the same.The group also mentioned that they’d like and retweet the best selfies.

The response was overwhelming. Our followers enthusiastically participated and showed their funny and creative sides. But some selfies stood out from the rest.

Check out some of the best responses below:

It’s all about the face

And the best editing award goes to…


The dog does it better

Life of the party


Talk to her lips

Thank you to New Hope Club for taking over our account! For more of the best responses, track #CelebMixNewHopeClub on Twitter.

Written by Ayushi

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