Happy Jewelers’ Owners Gabe and Danny Arik Speak on Maintaining Tradition While Making Progress

In the decades Isa Arik has worked as a jeweler, he has passed a lot of knowledge of the business onto his sons Gabe and Danny. When Isa moved his family to California in an attempt to follow the American Dream, little did he know that only a few years later, his sons would be operating their own successful jewelry business. This was the beginning of Happy Jewelers.

“It’s an internal cultural value that we believe sets us apart from other jewelry stores,” co-owner Gabe Arik clarifies.

The Arik brothers weren’t always sure the jewelry business would be a fit for them like it was for their father. Gabe shared that he had a business mindset from a very young age but wanted to explore new experiences. He attended California State University-Fullerton when he was 18, but quickly realized that school wasn’t the option for him. He returned to his family and began working alongside his father at Happy Jewelers.

Both Gabe and Danny started work at Happy Jewelers at a young age, and they were determined to impress their peers and make a name for themselves in the industry. “I set to maintain the highest standards in the industry in business ethics, professionalism, knowledge, and customer satisfaction, and proved to them my craft,” Gabe shares.

Proving themselves not only to suppliers and competitors, the Arik brothers found it more important to prove their quality of work and service to customers. At the end of the day, that is who the work and dedication is for. The brothers are always willing to go the extra mile for every customer who enters their store.

The jewelry industry is an especially competitive and lucrative business, especially being in Southern California. In order to achieve success, customer service is key. The Happy Jewelers owners have seen the importance of this daily and have worked to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction over the years.

“We are the best in the jewelry business,” Gabe confidently states. “Many people shop around before deciding where to buy an engagement ring, and any customer who has gone to the big name/chain stores before us, they have told us how their experience with us was hands down the best experience.”

Looking to always stay ahead of their competition, Happy Jewelers is constantly expanding their product offerings and designing the most cutting-edge jewelry in the industry.

To learn more about Happy Jewelers and the Arik family, visit the company website and Instagram page.

Written by Bryce Cannon