Harry Styles Joins Louis Tomlinson in a Slew of Smear Campaign Headlines

Louis Tomlinson isn’t the only member of One Direction currently battling a smear campaign; and it appears that the one against band mate Harry Styles was just amped up.

Every year, fans of One Direction wait for December 7th – a date infamous for Harry Styles falling for a stunning model.  Seriously, google it, happens every year.  Then, by about the first day of spring, their romance has gone from hot and heavy and moving in together to fizzling out and ending.  It’s a sad set up, but one fans are used to.

What fans aren’t as used to, is the cheating rumor – the one that was introduced today by The Mirror as they have linked Harry Styles to a stylist named Pandora Lennard.  A stylist – where has this narrative been sold before?

If you look at Harry headlines since the end of December you’ll see him going from a member of One Direction enjoying his hiatus to a tied down man ready to tattoo his body and pack up his home for Kendall Jenner.  After some pap photos of the two on a yacht, among many many friends, were released their “whirlwind romance” was said to have taken flight and there was no holding back this time – the two were sure they were meant to be.

This set up for what fans anticipated to be weeks worth of articles on Harry and Kendall and their new romance.  Friends and even some family members of Kendall and Harry commented about the two and their possible budding romance, not a word spoken by either party themselves, but the rumors were rampant nonetheless.  This romance would be the end all for both of them as they just kept finding their way back to one another.

So fans were shocked, but not surprised, when on January 23rd two articles were released that spoke of Harry being a cheater and spending a romantic night in with a girl that wasn’t his true love Kendall.

So, now we’re back to womanizer Harry.

Keep in mind that this was the reaction Harry had to be asked about his “womanizer ways”.

The supposed romance news was “gobsmacking” as told to the sun by those infamous ‘sources’ that seem to always know any news as long as it’s not something that paints Louis or Harry in a positive light – God forbid.  The source states that Harry and Pandora were attracted to each other and had been pals for a while but no one thought anything would happen since Harry and Kendall are totally officially an item.

So now Harry Styles is once again in the news for being the one thing that he hates, the one rumor that he speaks up and defends himself from – the rumor that stirs a reaction in him that is painful for his fans to watch.  Not only is Harry being called a womanizer again, but now a cheating one.

Still not sold on the idea that someone who’s reaction looks like that when asked about his lothario ways is really a lothario at all, and look at the reactions of the others – they all know how much it hurts him.

Harry writes songs about long term love, giving it all up and packing it away for the one person who has his heart.  He writes songs about struggle and passion and longing, he writes about truth and honesty but fans are made to believe that none of that truly matters to him as long as he’s got a good looking woman on his arm.

Louis writes songs about trying to be someone he’s not and not finding happiness, about giving in to who he is and finding love.  He writes about knowing loss and seeing what life is without truth and wanting no part of it but fans are made to believe that he cares about nobody but himself…as long as he has personal gain everyone else is expendable.

Two of the most kind hearted, generous, loving young men in “the business” are made out to be hollow shells of who they really are – and they’ve no choice but to grin and bare it.

The smear campaign against Louis Tomlinson this year was evident, from his break up with long time girlfriend Eleanor days after she jetted across the world to try to save their relationship to his highly publicized baby drama.  From suspected drug use and being the reason One Direction will inevitably split to being a party boy absent father to be, there was rarely a positive headline seen about Louis.  His smear campaign was the focus, it was the major selling point.

However, if you look closely, you’ll see Harry being attacked too, in more subtle ways, but ways that exist nonetheless.  Remember the article that said he preyed on the feelings and hopes of Larry shippers to annoy Louis?  Remember the articles that said he couldn’t stand his band mates and wanted to spend his time with high class socialites instead?  Remember the rumors that said he’d put his discomfort with Louis ahead of what’s best for the band and allow it to lead to the demise of One Direction?  Now we’re back to him using women for nothing more than a few nights of selfish pleasure.

The horrible truth is, if you look back at One Direction it seems that Harry and Louis are most commonly linked to the disgusting and dehumanizing rumors that speak ill of the way they treat women.  With Louis and Harry both raised by strong single mothers for a large majority of their lives, it’s a vile to say that either lad would treat a woman in a way that would subject them to anything less than respect, love, and admiration.

It’s sad, it’s disgusting, and more than that it’s painful to see. 

So the general public, they can keep those images of Harry and Louis.  Fans of the boys will keep the loving, generous, compassionate picture of the boys in their hearts – the images you see if you dare to look beyond the headlines and into the hearts of the people they’re written about.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.