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Houston’s Comicpalooza Welcomes Record-breaking Crowd

Comicpalooza, the largest pop culture festival in Houston as well as the Texas area, welcomed a record-breaking crowd of 50,778 attendees over Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27, 2018.

Photo Credit: Twitter (@Comicpalooza)

“Celebrating our tenth anniversary, we knew that we wanted to make this year special. We continued to invest resources in areas of the show popular with our guests and better supported the team that has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for years,” said Michael Heckman, president of Comicpalooza and senior vice president of Houston First Corporation.

Comicpalooza attendees were welcome to explore over 1,000 hours of programming and live entertainment, from panels to cosplay contests, to the annual Comicpalooza Film Festival and to the Live Art Auction. In addition to stars Tom Holland, John Cusack, Krysten Ritter, and Charlie Cox, the convention’s main guests also included Michael Chiklis, Jeri Ryan, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Ruth E. Carter, Walton Goggins, Orlando Jones, Tricia Helfer, Ray Park, and Ross Marquand. Attendees even had the opportunities to meet renowned worldwide comic book makers Scottie Young, Mark Waid, Michael Golden, and Paul Pope among others.

A Spider-Man: Homecoming cosplayer bows to a woman cosplaying as Hela, Goddess of Death, from Thor: Ragnarok. / Photo Credit: Celine Low

“The huge crowds and the unforgettable fan experiences created at this year’s show are a testament to the efforts of everyone involved,” said Heckman.

Some fans received media attention, including Tori Bernal, who recreated Tom Holland’s GQ photoshoot on social media and was able to show the actor the photos at a meet-and greet-session. Unable to afford the meet-and-greet ticket price, high school senior Gerrado Israel Garcia and his 9-year-old brother Angel also made headlines (and had their dreams come true) when they were invited on-stage to Holland’s Q&A panel after the star asked the audience who would like to join him at the front.

“Comicpalooza has truly established itself as one of Houston’s iconic annual events,” said Heckman.

CelebMix had a great time covering different parts of the convention! Comicpalooza will be returning next year to Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center on May 10-12, 2019. Visit for the latest information.

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Written by Celine Low

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