How I Keep in Shape: Natalia Elenkina

You ever wondered how models maintain their figures? We asked Natalia Elenkina to share her secrets.

Top Russian Instagram model Natalia Elenkina resides in the states this pandemic, ready to pounce on the significant roles when everything blows over. We caught up with the lovely lady herself to ask her how she manages to keep in such good shape… put your hands up if you feel bloated and swollen after lockdown because she’s not.

Let’s take a look at some of the secrets Natalia sent us and find out where it is that we have all been going wrong!

Keeping Up Appearances…

Being a model is all about keeping up appearances. With that in mind, here are some of the things that Natalia Elenkina (and other models) need to always consider.

Alcohol and Partying

You never want to be photographed stumbling out of a taxi in last night’s clothes, so there is none of that. At any given party. She says that experience has taught her alcohol is not her friend.


Natalia Elenkina does about two hours a day – minimum – in the gym. Her workout routine includes weightlifting, stretching, and some HIIT to keep her in great shape. She has the body of an 18-year-old, with a six-pack we can all be envious of… and it’s all down to that excellent workout routine and the dedication she has to it.

Eating and Drinking

Again, alcohol is more than calories, so Natalia stays away from it and categorically does not drink. On food, she had the following to say:

“There’s a common misconception that models don’t eat. That’s not true. We just don’t eat junk food. You can eat a full plate of broccoli, and it would barely scratch the surface of your daily calorie intake, or you could eat half a chocolate bar for the same amount. It’s about being conscious of what you put inside your body, not about cutting down on food itself.”

Seeing Friends and Having Relationships

You must minimize your friendships, especially if you want to make it to the big time. Modeling must be your life, and if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, this can seriously eat into your time. 

It’s not even just for the sake of keeping your schedule free but having a relationship with a model can mess with the other person’s mind. If they perceive you to be making time for work and not for them, that can cause natural friction. Even the strongest couples don’t always survive it.

More from Natalia Elenkina

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Written by CelebMix