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How To Make 4k Video File Smaller For Email And Social Media

Making a video small enough to be usable is an issue than many of us have faced. Emails that cannot be sent because the file is too large. Profiles videos not being able to upload because they are too big. All of us have dealt with this dilemma at one time or another.

Some of you may not even be aware that a converter exists. You may not even know what a 4k video converter is. Before discussing the different ways of making a file smaller, you first need to understand what a converter is, and what it does for you.

A video converter, according to Wikipedia, is simply a program that can change the file format of digital videos. The videos that you have taken can be converted over to a file that is easily viewed on mobile devices or laptops, or any other type of device designed for videos. 

Now that you understand what a converter is, you must comprehend why the files must be converted. The inner workings of the files are beyond the scope of this article, but basic knowledge can be explained in a few sentences. Video files are compressed pieces of individual shots that have been converted into one fluid motion, before they are saved.

To make a 4k video into a usable MP4 you need to have a program designed for conversions. WinX Video Converter is a free 4K video converter that can not only convert 4K video to a smaller resolution (like 4K to 1080p), but you can compress 4K video without quality loss to upload such as YouTube and Facebook. 

There are a few different ways that you can convert large video files into usable sized ones. It all depends on how small you need them (what device you want to view them on), how much quality loss you can live with, and how much time you want to put into them. Remember, according to Sprout Social, the most common size is 1080p/720p.

  • Quality-Downloading the video at a lower quality will decrease the size of the video. This option is acceptable if you are not set on having a perfect video. This is often used when sending something through email. Most of the time it is not too important that the video quality is top of the line. 
  • Resolution-The higher the resolution is on a video the better the quality will be. It will also be much bigger, usually making it unusable for most applications. A straightforward way to decrease the size of a video is to make the resolution smaller. This, just like WinX Video Converter, will make the video lesser quality. It will work when adding to an email, or even for private social media sites where you do not care if it is completely clear when viewing.
  • Convert-The best option is to use a program that has been designed to make larger videos smaller, and usable in a different format. A good program will allow you to use any type, or size, of video and convert it into a format that can be used on the device that you plan to view it on. You should be able to convert to any format that you need without having to fight with it. The WinX Video Converter will complete the task in three steps.

You do not need to get frustrated and throw your hands up in the air every time that a video file refuses to cooperate. Take the time to download the program above and use it to change any file, at any time. One thing to remember though is that every time you change a file it loses a little clarity. If you plan to convert your file into numerous different formats make sure that you always use the original copy to make the changes.

Written by Monella