WATCH: Inna & Erik Perform “Ruleta” Live At Kiss FM Romania

Quickly becoming a global sensation is Inna’s new song “Ruleta” which features Erik. It has already racked up high on YouTube Trending Charts around the world, and now they have started promotion. They performed the song at Kiss FM Romania; bringing dancers with them to make it extra special.

Inna has performed at Kiss FM Romania a few times; yet, it’s so good to see her with a group of dancers and interacting with them.

Watch Inna And Erik Perform “Ruleta” At Kiss FM Romania Here:

Just like the song, and it’s accompanying music video; both these artists give it their all during the performance on Kiss FM Romania. It’s clear throughout that they enjoy singing this song and the dancers add an extra flavour to the song.

As per usual with Inna’s live performances, she totally impresses with her vocals. She also interacts with the dancers, pulling off some of the choreography. Erik is watching from the side until it’s his turn to sing; at this point, he slides up to Inna and sings his part of the song, before withdrawing back to the side, once again.

The dancers are on point throughout, nailing the choreography. Two child dancers come in during the instrumental parts, bringing it in every way as Inna and the dancers rally around them – cheering them on.

This song is definitely going to be one of this year’s summer hits in various countries. The song is not available to download and stream, just yet; but you can always watch the music video, which has managed to rack up 13 million YouTube views in just five days.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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