INNA Releases “Nirvana” Music Video

We have a brand new song released by INNA, titled “Nirvana”. This track acts as the lead single from her upcoming fifth studio album of the same name. It will be released on Global Records soon, with the tracklist having already been announced by the record label.

INNA previously teased the music video over the past few days with a 20-second teaser video released four days ago; and, just yesterday, we got another teaser video at just 13 seconds. The song follows up “Ruleta“, which features Erik, and “Gimme Gimme“, both songs have been confirmed to be on the Nirvana album.

There are a bunch of credits to the song. We know that the music was produced by Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, Vlad Lucan, David Ciente, and Thomas Troelsen; whilst the lyrics were written by Thomas Troelsen and Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu (INNA). As for the music video, it was directed by Bogdan Paun – best known for Akcent’s music videos; Alexandra Stan’s “Boy Oh Boy“; as well as, Timebelle’s “Apollo” which served as Switzerland’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 – and the director of photography is Alexandru Muresan; both of whom are part of NGM Creative.

Watch INNA’s Music Video To “Nirvana” Here:

The song has hidden depths which the music video relates to well. It does have an air of “Ruleta” to the song with there being a second chorus – something similar can be found in “Heaven” which will not be a part of the new album, unfortunately.

As for the music video, it reminds us of a cross between “Club Rocker” – which featured Flo Rida – and G Girls’ “Call The Police“. Set in an alleyway where there are neon streaks of light haunting all around, INNA struts her way through as men and women are coupled together. She walks into a pizza restaurant which leads into the chorus.

INNA’s dressed in tiger-print shorts and overcoat, by the same brand that she is wearing in the “Ruleta” music video; they’re paired with black boots as she walks, but pink boots in the restaurant where product placement of Coca-Cola can be seen. Then the dance-break comes in, unfortunately, INNA doesn’t joint the dancers, letting them do their thing.

The second verse sees her lounging around dressed in a teal outfit, that we absolutely adore. Then there’s the intricate gold box scene, which sees INNA centred whilst two women are standing behind her with their arms out. It has an Egyptian-feel to the scene, although we feel this distracts us from the main visuals.

We expect the song to be available to download and stream in the next few days – hopefully, Friday. With her fifth studio album following on 11 December 2017.

Check Out The Cover To INNA’s “Nirvana” Single Here:

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