After Romeo is a four-piece pop and EDM band based in Los Angeles, who became a band in early 2013. However, they were already friends for a long time beforehand, so this is something that makes ‘AR’ a bit different from the other bands.

They weren’t ‘made’, they just got together, and they always do their best for the fans.

The first and most important reason why people love them: they are incredibly talented. The second reason? They are original and individual.

Let’s take a look at who they are!

Where did everything start?

Three of the boys worked together in the band Varsity Fanclub (also known as VFC). The group initially consisted of five members – Drew Ryan Scott, Jayk Purdy, David Lei Brandt, Bobby Edner and Thomas Fiss and later in 2009; TC Carter replaced Thomas Fiss. The boyband was signed to Capital Records and had some success. Namely, they were touring in Europe. After the members had gone their separate ways, VFC was over, and After Romeo was about to be born.

Drew, Jayk and TC didn’t want it to be the end of their careers so when TC introduced his childhood friend Blake English to the other boys, and Drew met Devin Fox – who actually left After Romeo in 2015- they decided to start a band together.

Behind the name

They chose the name ‘After Romeo’ immediately because they wanted to create a strong relationship with their fans – who are called Juliets and Bromeos – just like Romeo and Juliet’s relationship was. How sweet!

They are so close to their fans. Not only do they interact with them via their social media – most often on Twitter and Instagram, but also at their concerts, they choose their Juliets at every show and then serenade them with their beautiful song Song About You.

They’ve also got their own Street Team that consists of loads of fans from many countries around the world. Anybody can join the ST, who feels like they can help grow their fandom.

Their music

They started on YouTube like many other superstars, performing covers of famous songs as well as uploading a hilarious ’10-things videos’ to their channel.

Their debut single Free Fall was released on 1st May 2013. They shot a music video for their second, called Save Some Snow, in the same year, which guest starred Acacia Brinley.

Their third single was Love On Lock (LOL), directed by David Lehre. Later they also released an EP of the same name.

Where The People Go, their latest single, hit VEVO six months ago.

They write their own music, but they don’t just sing and write – they can dance too! They’ve got fantastic choreography for almost all of their songs which are usually choreographed by Blake or TC, as they both dance professionally.

Why they’re real Romeos

They’re not just a band; they’re four helpful and warm-hearted lads who are using their big powers to make the world more beautiful.

In 2014, they were the headliners of Bully Proof Tour. They visited schools and supermarkets in the USA where besides singing and bringing joy to kids; they drew children’s attention on the fight against bullying – they told them stories about what happened to them when they were younger.

Also, they’re PETA2 heroes. They teamed up with PETA2 to help homeless animals.

“There’s no reason to support breeders who bring new animals into the world every day,” said Blake 

One by one

Drew Ryan Scott is the biggest songwriter of the group, who grew up around music, and has already been singing since the age of five. He wrote songs not only for AR and VFC but also for other famous artists like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and K-pop bands EXO, VIXX. Drew is also known as the singing voice of Sterling Knight in movie Starstruck.

TC Carter is a singer-actor-model who appeared on Disney and Nickelodeon shows for small roles – for example in iCarly or Shake it Up. He can rap and sing, dance, beatbox and also has his own fashion blog Street23Fashion that he runs with Michelle DeFraites.

Blake English has been a professional choreographer since the age of 12, so he teaches various dance steps to the boys. He can play the piano, dance and he also writes songs. He’s a perfectionist. Therefore he is always striving for perfection in his work. He feels that the most important thing that people should know about him is the fact that he is crazy about cats and Lady Gaga. That’s why his nickname is ‘Rave Kitty’.

Last but not least, Jayk Purdy is the joker, sportsman and social manager of the team. As a child, he often played baseball, as long as music didn’t take over the control of his love of sports. He’s got an excellent sense of style, and he can dance, too.

We can’t wait to hear more about these four cute guys!

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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