Cimorelli is a six-piece pop girl band made out of six sisters named  Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani Cimorelli. They’re from Sacramento, California. Like many other famous artists, they were discovered on YouTube – they are currently signed to Universal Music‘s Island label.

The girls are close to their fans, they already got a new fandom – the CimFam, and they aren’t not only six gorgeous gals, but also they have an unbelievable talent for singing.

Let’s take a look at who they are!

Where did they start?

Cimorelli was formed nine years ago, but their first video hit YouTube in 2009, in which they covered “Party In The USA” by Miley Cyrus. Since then came more and more covers with growing success. They almost reached a billion views on YouTube. They did acoustic & acapella covers of great hits of several well-known artists like One Direction, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and more.

In 2013 they won “Choice Web Star” at Teen Choice Awards.

Their Music

They didn’t just do covers, from the beginning they started to write original songs as well. – Yep, they write their own music. They don’t swear, that’s why they sometimes change the lyrics of songs, they are covering to make them more age-appropriate.

The girls released their first EP “Hello There” in 2008, although it wasn’t officially released under a record label. After the first EP they released five more – CimFam, Believe It (2012), Made In America (2013), Renegade (2014) and Christmas Magic (2014) – on iTunes and Amazon. For all of the title tracks, they also released music videos on VEVO, then in 2015 they released their first mixtape “Hearts On Fire”, which includes 9 of their original songs.

The girls are lucky, and they managed to score a collaboration with Big Time Rush‘s James Maslow on a cover in June of 2013.

Other than that, they’ve already been through three tours, and they’re about to continue their Hearts On Fire Tour – which they started in 2015 – on the East Coast of America. They’re also going on tour with Jacob Whitesides in South America.

Why they’re a good family

11 siblings. In such a big family, we can think, it would be more than obvious that there are fall-outs almost everyday. Well between normal siblings it’s almost a tradition. But it isn’t a typical family – it’s the Cimorelli family. Of course, there might be conflict situations, but most of the time their house is just home of peace. 6 girls that made it with the band, and they also have five brothers – they sometimes appear in videos, too. They all help each other in several ways and in each song the solos are split up between the six of them. They are not just siblings but good friends, too.

One by one

Christina is the mother of Cimorelli, namely she was the one whi started the band. She is the second child and the oldest girl in the family. She’s kinda the laughy, bubbly one in the group. As the oldest, she became the multi-sided, sassy and bossy leader of the band. She can play the piano and she’s a sporty girl, too – she likes gymnastics that she did for eight years, swimming and boxing. In addition, she’s a fan of One Direction, and Harry is her favourite member.

“I have a complicated personality, and I’m a complicated person. I have lots of different sides! I’m half super-shy, half super-outgoing. I can be super-slow and take my chill out time, and I can be SUPER HYPER. I’m VERY sensitive and emotional, and songwriting is my outlet. I can be a bossy leader, yet I can be a little kid or a complete weenie!” she says.

Katherine has a bubbly and outgoing personality; She is funny, perky, generous and the ‘motherly one’ of the group. She’s really a jokester – you can see it on her tweets as well. She can play the piano and bass guitar, besides that like Christina, she also likes sports – especially running, swimming, skateboarding and boxing. She’s obsessed with Stevie Wonder – we don’t blame her for that – and wants to collaborate with him one day.

“I love God with all my heart. Writing and music are my passions. I talk too much. I’m an entirely hopeless romantic. It gets me into trouble a lot. Sometimes I write so much that I feel disconnected from the rest of the world. I’m really grateful for all that I have!” she says.

Lisa is the third oldest sister, and the fourth oldest child of the Cimorelli family. She’s known as the creative, funny and weird one who arrange a lot of their songs and who was known to be the girl with headbands on her head. She can play the piano, guitar and drums. Her favourite singers are Demi Lovato, Jessie J and Jojo and she’s a fan of Jasmine Villegas but she would most like to perform with Usher one day.

  “Outgoing, loud, and crazy are not words that describe me,” she says. “All the people are beautiful, and everyone deserves to be happy.”

Amy is known to be bubbly, giggly, outgoing, always smiling and a people person. She loves to laugh no matter what, and she always sees the right side of things – that’s what makes her a confident and happy person. She is currently the shortest of the Cimorelli sisters, because of her mild Turner Syndrome, that causes her to be short. She can play the piano and rhythm guitar. She’s Directioner, secret lover of Hunter Hayes, and she’s #TeamPeeta – we love that!

“I’m a country girl.” she says.

Lauren is the quiet, chill and shy one, who became a very confident lady over the years. Yet, she has good sense of humour and she uses sarcasm with pleasure. She likes sports as well, mostly swimming, flag football and skateboard. She wanted to be a professional skateboarder, when she was younger – fortunately her love for singing took over the control and she became an almost professional singer. Her celebrity crushes are Benedict Cumberbatch and Theo James, but she loves One Direction as well.

“I’m having different sides: sometimes I’m laid back, but other times I’m really focused and serious. Other times I’m hyper, but this is rare” she says.

Dani is the youngest member of the group and the eighth child in the family. First she just appeared in covers as a non-official member of the band, then later she was inducted in Cimorelli. She is loud, funny, hyper, creative and smiley, but her sisters also say that she is very outgoing. Yet, she is confident, sarvastic and has good sense of humour. She can do everything in order to get a laugh – acting silly or using fake accents? Yes, Dani does these. She can play the piano, guitar and bongo drums, besides like her sisters, she’s crazy about sports – she likes swimming, boxing and water polo. She loves boybands – just like us – and said that her celebrity crushes are Luke Hemmings and Niall Horan.

“My biggest personal change was when I stopped relying of people’s opinions of me.” she says.


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