Introducing: The Fooo Conspiracy

We could say that the world is an enormous band-making factory as it’s always creating more and more boybands and girl bands. It seems unlikely that we’ll ever run out of talented young humans who are making great music and look good too.

We recently introduced you to the Californian heroes that are After Romeo, and now we want to present you an amazing quartet from Sweden, who have already toured with AR on the Pop Nation Tour in 2015!

Eyyo: The Fooo

First things first: What’s behind the name?

The band consists of four sweet and young Swedish lads – Felix Sandman, Oscar Enestad, Oscar “Olly”/”OG” Molander and Omar Rudberg. They couldn’t decide on a name so they creatively put together their names so their initials assemble to spell out ‘”The Fooo”. With regards to the “Conspiracy” bit, Felix said:

“The fans are part of everything we do. They get to choose the places we perform, album covers and even get to style us for photo shoots. Media would compare our relationship with the audience to a conspiracy. In some ways, that’s an appropriate description, because it’s us and them in one. That’s why we added the word to our name.”

How they started

The band was put together by Artist House Stockholm in early 2013.  The company was holding auditions to start the group so they sent out invitations to schools. Three of the guys took the chance, and they were successful! Later, a producer discovered Omar because of the TV shows and singing competitions he did. Omar then went to the rehearsals and became good friends with the other boys. They immediately started to work together.

Differently to other superstars, they took their love for street style and went to shoot their first video for their song “Kangaroos” on the streets of Sweden and uploaded it on YouTube. They soon became internet sensations with millions of views, with the help of being discovered by Justin Bieber no less. The singer invited them to be the opening act on three Swedish dates at the Ericsson Globe Arena on his Believe Tour in 2013.

Now take a deep breath! – That was the first time they performed as a group on a stage ever. It’s an incredible way to start, isn’t it?

Since then, many famous artists have invited them to be the opening act for some dates on their tours – including The Vamps, One Direction and the Backstreet Boys, who personally invited them to a show in Sweden.

Oh, and we have to mention that the four Swedish guys actually won Innovator of the Year at the Swedish Grammys.

They did an anti-bullying tour in the US just like the After Romeo guys – they feel it their mission to show their practical side and be perfect idols.

“It’s very important to us to take a stand because bullying is something that is common everywhere you go in the world and could have such devastating impacts on someone’s life.”

In 2014 they did their own tour, The Fooo Experience, where they visited Sweden’s five cities: Stockholm, Örebro, Linköping, Helsingborg and Gothenburg.

Their music

Many different artists influence them, including Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Jessie J, Tyga, and Ed Sheeran. These Swedish fellas have built a sound that’s dynamic and infectious. Namely, their songs will make you immediately move and sing along with them. They describe their music themselves as “edgy pop”.

“It’s edgy and danceable, we want our listeners to dance along and leave with a happy feeling.” OG said.

They released their first, self-titled EP, The Fooo EP in 2013; then they released two more in the next years – the Conspiration EP and the Coordinates EP. Also, their first album Off The Grid was released in 2014.

They’ve released several singles – our favourites are “Build A Girl”, “Roller Coaster”, “Wild Hearts” and “Doo-Wop”. Their latest single is “My Girl”.

They’re dancing machines

It’s a fact! We can’t mention a lot of bands that can dance too, but The Fooo Conspiracy’s dancing is more than professional. Their favourite style is street dance, but they have developed in all the big dance styles.

They almost danced before they could walk. Felix, OG, and Oscar have been dancing since they were just four years old, namely going to an art school together where they could learn all styles of dance. Omar started dancing when he joined the group. They all say that they’re focused on dancing.

“We want people to get that urge to dance, move, and be happy. We’re trying to bring something fresh and innovative to the game. We’re going to expand the beautiful Fooo Family in the process as countless Americans join us.” Omar said.

Exclusive connection with fans

They are a family – not just the four boys but their fans too. They always try to keep in touch with the Foooers and they interact with them not only on their Twitter and Instagram but also during performances. As we mentioned earlier, they started on the streets of Stockholm, where they performed almost without securities, really close to the crowd. It’s a little different to what other bands do, and something that makes the relationship with the fans much stronger.

When asking fans about what they love the most about the guys, they mentioned a bunch of things.

“Their style and passion for music. And how they love their Foooers”
“Everything but in the first place their personalities.”
“They treat us like a family.”
“They are not just a band to us: they are our family! They sing like angels and are so good at dancing.”

It’s obvious that behind a successful group, stands a loyal fandom. The Fooo Conspiracy have the Fooo Family fully behind them – these fans are supportive and dedicated. They can be found all around the world – from the USA to Europe.

Also, the guys are crazy, and they’re fun to hang out with: they’re all spontaneous, and they love to do anything to have a good time and they try to be creative in everything they do. We’re sure we couldn’t be bored for one second with them!

One by One

Omar Josúe Rudberg was born on 12th November 1998. He was a baby when his family lived in Venezuela but later they officially moved to Sweden. Omar is a confident guy who knows what he wants. He’s not afraid to tell you what he thinks about things. He’s the second youngest member of The Fooo, but he’s like the non-official ‘leader’. He can play the piano, and can make professional dance moves although he hasn’t been to dance school. Recently he started to love dying his hair – and we can say that his dark hair with red looks stunning!

Oscar Johan Ingvar Enestad was born on 21th February 1997, making him the oldest member of the band. He’s also the shyest, although according to himself, he’s the flirt of the group. He’s got an older sister called Johanna, and he owns five dogs and a cat. He changes his hairstyle quite a lot, and we don’t blame him for that! His sister always played Aqua’s Barbie Girl at home when he was young, so that’s the first song he remembers hearing. However, the first concert he ever attended was one of Shakira’s. He’s a huge Potterhead and a secret juggler. He can play the guitar, and when he was younger, he played in musicals in one of Stockholm’s theatres.

Oscar “Olly”/”OG” Molander was born in Stockholm with the full name of Oscar Hans Olof Molander on 24th February 1997. He’s got two brothers, Gustav and Erik. Skateboarding is his hidden talent, but he also plays the piano. He listens mostly to rap, and he also raps in their songs very often. He said he’s quite often awake at night and likes a nightly meal, for instance, a sandwich which he calls “nattmacka”- OG is a funny guy. He’s a Backstreet Boys fan, namely the first song he remembers he heard is a song of theirs and the first concert OG attended was a Backstreet Boys concert, too. His go-to junk food is Panda Express – he loves it!

Felix Karl Wilhelm Sandman was born on 25th October 1998 in Stockholm. He’s the youngest member of the band. His parents are divorced. He’s got an older sister Felicia and two younger brothers named Theo and Samuel. He can act too, and he’s appeared on plenty of TV shows as a kid just like his bandmate Omar. When he was young, he first heard Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ and he said that he always used to walk around singing it. He loves snapbacks and fashion – his stylish clothes are showing it. He’s a swagger boy who can do backflips and also can play the guitar.


Lastly, we’d like to tell you a fun fact: The guys have a secret performance ritual that they do before every concert.

We can’t wait to hear more about these Swedish lads!

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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