Introducing: Seafret and their Debut Album

Seafret is a duo formed by Harry Draper (multi-instrumentalist) and Jack Sedman (vocals) from Bridlington, UK. They have recently released their debut album Tell Me It’s Real.

Band members Harry (pictured below, left) and Jack (pictured below, right) met each other through playing open mic nights in their home town in North-East Yorkshire, and bonded over their love of making music. The band have progressed in the music industry recently and have played as the support acts for artists such as Jake Bugg and James Bay, and played a set at V-Fest last year which brought in a new fan base and some great reviews.

Introducing: Seafret and their Debut Album 2  Introducing: Seafret and their Debut Album 1

Their album Tell Me It’s Real is a great collection of songs from the pair. The music featured on their album is attention grabbing because it’s a different sound to chart music, but definitely still deserves a place in the charts, which makes it an exciting listen.

Tell Me It’s Real has a seaside theme, which is no surprise as the band is from a seaside town and is likely where their inspiration came from for the album. They also have the name Seafret, which is how people describe the mist coming in from the sea but ironically they boys told HuffPost that this was not why they chose to name the band Seafret. “We picked our name ‘Seafret’ because we lived by the sea, and it being on a pun on the guitar ‘fret’.”

In an interview with Songwriting Magazine the boys were asked what their biggest hope is for the album. Harry said that his biggest hope was “To connect with as many people as possible and to be able to tour it and for people to actually turn up.” and Jack followed with “And for people to like it. It’s exciting times!”


  1. Missing
  2. Give Me Something
  3. Wildfire
  4. Breathe
  5. Oceans
  6. Over
  7. Tell Me It’s Real
  8. Be There
  9. Beauty on the Breeze
  10. Atlantis
  11. Skimming Stones
  12. There’s a Light
  13. To the Sea (Feat. Rosie Carney)
  14. Out of Nowhere (Deluxe album only)
  15. Overtime (Deluxe album only)
  16. Oceans (BBC Live Version) – Deluxe album only

Missing: A soothing, relaxing track that is a great introduction to their album and it is attention grabbing at the same time. This song is where you realise that Seafret are introducing their audience to a new sound that you could definitely get used to hearing more often on the radio!

Give Me Something: This track is an acoustic, soft tune that would be perfect on a chill out playlist. With raw vocals from band member, Jack and excellent guitar work from Harry you shouldn’t skip this track. Give Me Something sounds like something you would expect Coldplay to sing, Jack’ voice reminds us of Chris Martin‘s voice. You’ll find yourself tapping along to the beat of this tune.

Wildfire: Wildfire is a love song and when listening you are constantly reminded about how much you love this tune. It’s beautifully performed musically by Harry and vocally by Jack. The emotion put into the song with Jacks vocals gives you a heavy heart, while keeping a smile on your face. We could imagine the boys of One Direction doing a cover of this as it is a perfect boy band song and we would love to hear this love song played live! See the music video here.

Breathe: A gentle reminder that we are all human, and that sometimes in life when things get a bit tough, you just need to breathe. The upbeat chorus interlude is dramatic and will put a smile on your face. Breathe has a feel to it as if it is playing over ending credits while you are watching a movie.

Oceans: The music video for this song is beautiful and stars Maisie Williams from hit TV show Game of Thrones. Have a look at the video below! The song is catchy, and will stick in your head for days. The boys said they got inspiration for this song from their own personal experience of moving to London, and being so far away from their family.

Over: A Mumford and Sons vibe is in this one, however Seafret put their acoustic and vocal performance to the test and make it their own style.

Tell Me It’s Real: The title of the album, and one of our favourite songs in the collection. Easy listening and catchy. Jack shows off his vocal ability with big changes in his voice with every word. You’ll be singing along in no time.

Be There:  It can be said that this track is a bit more vocally pop like than the rest of Seafret’s album, which we love because it’s showing how diverse Seafret can be.

Beauty on the Breeze: You’ll find yourself tapping along to the beat and wanting to sing along.

Atlantis: A track that is sure to be a hit if played at a festival. When you hear this, you’ll want to learn the lyrics to sing along. If you listen carefully to the guitar being played you can hear just how talented Harry is with instruments, every pluck of the guitar string is defined.

Skimming Stones: This number is definitely a song you want to play air guitar to, it is upbeat and something you’ll want to rock out to while you’re home alone in front of your mirror.

There’s a Light: This upbeat song reminds us a lot of Ed Sheeran, so if you like Ed’s music you should head straight to this track as soon as you pick up your copy of Seafret’s album

To the Sea (Feat. Rosie Carney): Filled with beautiful harmonies between a male and female voice, which compliment one another so perfectly you are easily drawn in. To the Sea is described as a folk song, but you wouldn’t believe it to be “typical” folk. It’s modern and inviting which is a great introduction to a different genre of music.

Overtime: Despite being one of the last tracks on the album, you want the music to continue when you hear this. The song tells a story of determination and love, but we’ll let you figure out the rest.

Oceans (BBC Live Version): You won’t be able to tell if this track is live or pre-recorded and edited as both vocals and music are so flawless. To listen to this, you’ll need to have Seafret’s deluxe album.


Overall, Tell Me It’s Real by Seafret is an amazing album to listen to when you want something easy listening while you relax. The calm and cool duo are the perfect combination for studying while having a good old cup of tea.

Seafret’s debut album Tell Me It’s Real was released 29th January and can be purchased digitally on iTunes or a CD copy can be purchased on the Seafret website.

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