Jasmine Thompson releases new song featuring Benji & Fede

Jasmine Thompson. You may not have heard her name all that much, but she’s someone you should definitely start taking an interest in. She’s a 16 year old British songwriter and she is about to go international as she releases a new song called ‘Forme Geometriche/Addicted To You’ with the Italian band Benji & Fede (aka Benjamin Mascolo and Federico Rossi).

The song, which actually features on the band’s new album ‘0+’, is half Italian and half English and it’s a romantic (but not cheesy, don’t fret) tune which was born almost casually.

Federico Rossi (the singer of the band) spoke about the making of the song. He said “Forme Geometriche was almost complete, but the chorus was missing. We wanted something big, something which made an impact. We immediately thought about Jasmine, we really admire her. She worked a lot about the melody.”

When asked by a fan on Twitter if there was a possibility that they could perform the song together in England, Jasmine answered “Maybe!” So, if you’re a fan and this news excites you, there is hope!

The three of them met when Jasmine came to Italy to attend The Voice and then kept in contact for the making of the song.

Right now Jasmine has just finished her mini-tour with Felix Jeahn while Benji & Fede are busy promoting their new album in Italy, however, this didn’t stop fans of both artists to try to promote the song on UK radios too. If you want to listen to what we’re talking about then check it out below. We’re rather obsessed with it. We’ve probs broken the replay button.

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Written by CelebMix