Little Mix Are Grown And Don’t Have Time For Pity Criticism

Little Mix’s first show in Cardiff (and every other show) left everyone with their jaws open. They showcased their talent with superb harmonies, hardcore choreography, and a stage production for the ages. We feel quite confident to say that they are one of this generations most greatest performers. Fan or not, you’ll end up leaving the tour wanting more.

But despite the unanimous positive reviews from the crowd, there was some inappropriate slut-shaming across social media (as expected since people love to degrade women every chance they get). If we had one wish, it would be for all this unnecessary criticism to stop.

First off, what are you trying to get at? It’s understandable that we all have opinions, but why do these opinions have to be dealt in a negative way? Don’t women to deserve to dress how they please? Little Mix are grown and seeing all this negativity only goes to show how the world still needs a huge reality check in terms of understanding the importance of individuality. People can shine however they please.

And Little Mix are definitely shining confidently with their magnificent vocals and sexy attire. It’s a combination that’s to die for! So stop slut-shaming girl groups, stop shaming women for showing off their beautiful bodies, and grow up kiddos!

In the mean time, how about celebrating the fact that these girls have the biggest selling  U.K. arena tour of 2016 (out of any artist) in the U.K. so far? Perhaps some folks should be paying more attention to triumphs and empowering women rather than wardrobe attire and supporting double standards.

Anyway, the girl group have killed it since day one and we’re happy to see them at the top of their game. We are literally blown away each and every day! Check out this unforgettable and harmonious moment below!

The talent they have is undeniable. When was the last time you heard a girl group harmonize so brilliantly? Gives us the goosebumps!

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.