Lawson release their new single Money

Lawson fans everywhere were shocked yesterday when it was revealed they would get to hear the bands new single Money, which comes straight off from their upcoming album tonight. The band, who are known by their fans for always being late for everything, had previously told fans that they would be able to hear their brand new single on Friday evening; however as a surprise it was announced last night that The Hits Radio would have the first play at 8:30pm this evening.

Money is the long awaited single from Lawson which the band have been teasing about for the past few months. In fact, when we went to see Lawson on their winter tour in London they did tell us that we would get a new single in January, however I don’t think many people believed them when they said this- sorry guys!

Front man Andy Brown, who spoke to The Hits Radio just before the first play, revealed there may be one more single after Money before their newest album is released. He stated that the album was

“Ready and waiting to go for a summer time release.”

Money is a change in style from Lawson’s previous music, with it being a full blown catchy track (well, all of their songs are) that we just can’t get out of our heads, however we love it as much as we love their older tracks. Could this be a sample of what we can expect from their new album?

Money is available to stream on Spotify now.


Written by CelebMix