Learn From Our Favourite After Romeo Songs

Songs can fully change your mood at any time. They can make memories, and they’ve got so many perks we just can’t count them all.

However, people can also learn a lot from music, especially if the lyrics have got something important to say. Songs can teach you how to get through the hard times, how to be a great person, how to enjoy what you have, the list goes on…

After Romeo is well-known for supporting their fans, and even in hard times, they’ve got something they can brighten the ARmy’s days with. Moreover, if you haven’t thought that they’ve got a lot to tell you through their fantastic songs, then just listen!

We brought you our favourite songs by the Californian guys to tell you what you can learn from them.

1. Thank You

This song came second on After Romeo’s debut album “The Story Continues”.

We can’t express enough times how many positive vibes we get from this tune because there’s a witty twist in it which makes us think of our haters positively. Just think about it – who else can give you the motivation to prove to them and yourself that you are good enough, and that you can make your dreams come true? Your enemies do, so it’s time to be thankful for everything they’ve done so far that made you the amazing and gorgeous person that you are now.

When you told me to give up I kept on, yeah I worked harder. You were my ammunition along the way.

Also, “Thank You’ is also about climbing the high mountains when trying to achieve your goals. You should just focus on your aim and believe in yourself. You have to know that you can make it even though it’s really hard sometimes – do not give up anything! Keep fighting, keep climbing!

Don’t gotta be the best, but I will never rest till I am.

 2. Good Things

This is the name-giver song of After Romeo’s new EP which came out this summer.

Musically it’s absolutely fresh and a dynamic tune which makes you want to sing along.

According to the lyrics, the song is about giving the good things. As Drew said, “You want to show somebody the good things of the world, see great things in life, the sunshine. I wanna be the person that can show you these things”.

In this case, we can say that the lyrics tell a romantic story where a good guy is wanting to win the heart of the lady by defending her and showing her some love which the bad guy forgot to do. The girl was hurt, but then came the loveable hero to cheer up her and get her to think positively.

Told you that he loved you but forgot
Even said he’d be here but he’s not

“Good Things” also has something to tell You. You have to open your eyes and notice the good things that are happening around you. Be open-minded, don’t focus on bad things! See something beautiful and bright in every day, and don’t let anything bring you down! Be optimistic, cause if you’re not, you may miss the best things in your life that are in front of you!

I’ve got something right here for you, let me show you the good things.

 3. Handmade

The guys sang this song during every Pop Nation Tour performance, but for some reason it didn’t actually get released, which is really sad. Handmade is a particular, pretty inspirational song, and just like “Thank You”, makes people think about haters in a different way. Listeners start to realise that they’re worth it, and they are as important as the other people in this world.

Every single one of us is unique, “limited edition”, so-called handmade. That’s why you don’t have to care – and even better if you don’t try to be like the others, just accept yourself and be proud that you were born to be real.

Spend my time putting my life together, I don’t care what they say, what they say.

 4. Free Fall

The band released “Free Fall” as their debut single in early 2013, and it immediately hit number one on MTV’s music chart.

The song is about a brave and careless person who is not afraid of anything – but that’s why he or she succeeds in life. You should come out of your comfort zone to experience and enjoy those things you have always wanted to try. You only live once, so don’t waste your time. Make every moment in life memorable. You never know what the next day may hold for you.

Spread your wings and never be too afraid of things, never let anything hold you down, or to hold you back from what you want to do.

I can’t change tomorrow’s events so I gotta live right now.

 5. Overnight

This is the fourth song on “The Story Continues”, and we think it’s a bit underrated.

If you listen to “Overnight” you may recognise the younger version of yourself who was afraid of dreaming big. Unlike “Free Fall”, the lyrics here is about someone who is shy and unconfident.

If you were a person like this, you probably wanted to stay ordinary and stay out of the spotlight at first. Later, when suddenly so many good things have happened to you, you’re just wondering how you got so lucky, and you just can’t believe it, at all. Then it seems like that you really enjoy shining, being so successful. Finally, there could be a twist again when you are struggling, saying you’ve never wanted change, you’ve never wanted fame.

Maybe it’s because you can’t help it but there’s no way you can believe the amazing things that are happening to you, or maybe you don’t think that you deserve the great stuff. Don’t worry – no matter if you worked for it, hoped for it or didn’t want it at all, there’s no doubt that you deserve it! Enjoy it! You should take every single opportunity that you get – do not miss anything just because you haven’t planned it or haven’t wanted it. If you miss one, you might not get a second chance.

Sometimes you’re given something too good to be true, so what can you do?

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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