LeBron James crossed the face of basketball legend Michael Jordan

Contemporary basketball star LeBron James has surpassed the legendary Michael Jordan to become the most famous athlete in America. According to a new survey published by Harris Interactive Center, the star recently returning Cleveland team was honoured to receive this title for the first time in 11 years of competition.

LeBron is 2.03m tall, thanks to the training in the gym and the stable diet, LeBron at 33-year-old still owns the most impressive form among the players still playing in the NBA. In the history of American professional basketball, there are very few people who can match LeBron physically.

Besides being lightning speed on the ring, LeBron is strong enough to knock all obstacles in front of him. He is considered the most standard model for the small-forward position in basketball – holders with the task of scoring the critical point for the team.

In the list of the best scoring players in NBA history, LeBron ranked seventh with 31,038 points. Once he can still play for at least three more seasons, surely the Cleveland Cavaliers star will even improve his rankings. That is the super score, LeBron is also known as the leading builder in NBA history. LeBron never published his actual IQ, he exasperated in the interview: “What do you ask about it for? You want to take my brain out because my IQ is too high, don’t you?”.

But a series of melancholy passes for comrades from the beginning of his career testified to LeBron’s great mind. Typically, with the Toronto Raptors, he launched 14 assists for his teammates – LeBron’s number is higher than all the other players in the Cleveland Cavaliers team combined. Because of that, basketball lovers as well as sports betting lovers always give LeBron special attention at NBA events, including NBA Betting in Pennsylvania.

In the list of the best constructivist in NBA history, LeBron ranked 11th with 8,208 passes to create opportunities for his teammates. Even Kyrie Irving, one of the top stars in the NBA defender position, Irving’s role is to make regular passes for his teammates to score. But the Boston Celtics’ payroll star must learn a lot from his former teammate at Cleveland Cavaliers. “LeBron once told me, your game will be meaningless if there is no one to create. Go out and improve that. I said that I understood and would study him a lot. LeBron is truly a master at the ability to pass”, Irving admitted.

Not only Irving, but many other leading defenders also have to learn LeBron long in terms of passing. Stephen Curry has averaged only two assists per game for the Golden State Warriors, and this figure is only about one-fourth that of LeBron (averaging nine assists per game).

LeBron possesses so many great qualities of a basketball player converging, and that makes it possible for him to play well in all positions on the ring. In theory, LeBron appeared on the field with the role of a major pioneer. But when playing, the 33-year-old star takes on a series of missions, from ball coordination, scoring and defending.

However, the attraction of Michael Jordan is still high. Despite retiring for more than a decade, the six-time NBA championship legend still ranks second after reigning at the top from 1993 – 2005 and 2013. This result was given after the survey with 2241 people from 11 to 16 June. Michael Jordan now has a more private life when he rarely appears in public or interviews. Currently, Jordan is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets basketball team.

Written by CelebMix