Is Liam Payne Bored of One Direction’s Hiatus?

Some people have speculated that Liam Payne may already be bored of One Direction’s hiatus but we think Liam is simply relaxing and enjoying his downtime.

All four One Direction boys have been making the most of their break to different extents(but they’re all in London right now – possibly attending the Brits). Louis and Harry have made their residence in Los Angeles, while Niall has been seeing the world in a whole new way. He was backpacking through Asia and keeping his head down. We hope he had fun.

As for Liam? He’s been flying back and forth as well, having just landed in Los Angeles to join his two bandmates the other day.

Fans have been teasing the boy for how he’s been spending the extended break: watching Friends and posting on social media – more specifically, Snapchat and Instagram.

Liam even found a way to combine all three together: using a Snapchat filter on Ross from Friends and posting the picture to Instagram.
Only Liam.

Fans were ecstatic to discover that Liam has a personal Snapchat, a Snapchat that he uses quite frequently. By the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like Liam is planning on sharing his username with fans anytime soon, but that’s okay! He reposts his silly selfies with the filters to Instagram to his 8.8 million followers.

If you’re ever bored, just scroll through Liam’s Instagram posts. You’ll certainly have a laugh.

Actually, what really got to fans this week was Liam’s laugh. The sound was clear in one of his many videos. He posted a series of short Instagram clips that consisted of bonding time and Fifa with his bodyguard, Paddy. There was a lot of banter going on, and you can tell the two had a lot of fun.
Liam defended the game results with the excuse of “luck.” Really, Liam? Really? We think it’s time you admit defeat.
Liam’s posts were endless!

We are absolutely enamored with his shares, so we aren’t complaining. Was he trying to prove a point? Was there something he needed to tell us? Either way, Liam was having a good day. After this series of laughs, fans are definitely reassured that Liam is enjoying his break.

His shares also extend to more than just Instagram or Snapchat. Liam found another app that allowed him to play around with filters.

What a hero!

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Iron man

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It was such a fun day for Liam and a great day for fans as well! They were able to witness the fun through Liam’s numerous posts and hear his laughter.

The 1D break isn’t over yet, and it turns out Liam is certainly not bored. Let’s admit it: even we spend our best days on social media as well! We hope the rest of the break proceeds wonderfully for Liam. We can’t wait to see what other silly moments and mishaps Liam will share with us in these upcoming months.

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Written by Laura Huynh

California gal studying media and entertainment at UC Berkeley. Big fan of music, and big believer in Fate. Feel free to call me, beep me at or @laurahuynh. xx