Lionel Messi surprises fans as he makes come back to the national team

His retirement was the worst thing happened to his fans. Earlier this year, Lionel Messi announced that he would be retiring from the national team. His retirement came soon after the national team lost the match to Chile in the final.

Last few years have not been great for Argentina. The national team has lost many major titles and that too, in the finals. This made many people question Messi’s leadership. But the fans supported him during the thick and thin.

After the match with Chile which was the fourth major loss for Argentina since 2014, Messi said that the loss was just too overwhelming for him and “it hurts not to be the champion.”

As soon as the player made the announcement, the fans across the world took on Twitter to make him reconsider his decision. No one was happy with this decision; seems like even Messi wasn’t.

The football legend has decided to make a come back into his team. Why? Messi was reported saying,

“A lot of things went through my mind on the night of the final and I gave serious thought to quitting, but my love for my country and this shirt is too great.”

He also said that there are a lot of problems in the team but he would like to solve them “from the inside” rather than “criticizing them from outside”. That’s a true leader!

Now, it remains to be seen what will Messi do to lead his team to victory because reaching finals is definitely team’s cup of tea.

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