Luke Hemmings: “I never expected to be a rock star”

Those 5 Seconds of Summer lads might be taking over the world and even playing gigs as far away as Japan, but the success hasn’t gone to their heads as Luke Hemmings revealed that he still has to pinch himself once in a while to believe it’s real.

In fact, despite wanting to be a star all his life, he wasn’t sure it would ever happen – not that it stopped him from dreaming big and keeping his fingers and toes crossed.

“We never expected this,” he told Brazil’s Capricho Magazine. “I never expected to be a rock star, but we had faith.”

Luke also revealed that the lads still find their widespread popularity a total and utter surprise, because when they first started, they were so used to playing shows in front of a handful of people back home in Oz.

But then the call to support 1D came and the whole experience was so amazing that the band apparently vowed to return to the arenas and stadiums as headliners one day.

“It’s going to be incredible to do an arena tour,” Luke added. “The second support tour we did was in arenas… I remember going on stage and us saying to each other, ‘we’re going to be back here next year’, and not knowing that we would be, so it’s awesome.’

Mikey added: “When we started we never expected this. I remember the first tour we put on sale. We put on shows in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia. The first two shows we did, around 30 people turned up.””

Written by CelebMix