Introducing: The Scheme and Their EP

Boy band trio, The Scheme, gave our writers quite the treat on Wednesday with an up close and personal performance of their EP, a viewing of two of their music videos and a chat with each of the boys about music.

The Scheme are an upcoming three piece boy band consisting of three charismatic and talented musicians Kyle, Kris and Aleksey. The Scheme have previously toured with The Tide and they are now making their way around the UK by touring with Union J as the support act on Union J’s 2017 tour. We may or may not have been told to look forward to The Scheme performing not only their own songs but some fantastic well-loved hits that the boys can add their style to in a cover performance. We’re looking forward to it!

The boys seem to be all about the music and that really shows, we sat and talked with the boys and Kyle, Kris and Aleksey all said the same thing, they have a passion for music and a love for the fans that support them through it. We talked about musical influence and Kyle told us that he enjoyed how each member of the band brings their own unique vocal ability and style to their music.

The Scheme’s EP has three songs and a bonus track Can’t Stop, Somebody Else’s Perfect, Socialite and Somebody Else’s Perfect (Featuring Lisa). Our CelebMix writers were treated to a performance of all three songs and fell in love with their ability to sing, harmonise beautifully and play their own music – you simply can’t get better than that!

Somebody Else’s Perfect is ultimately the catchiest song on the EP that you will not be able to get out of your head and to be entirely honest we don’t mind that it is stuck there! Somebody Else’s Perfect is an amazing feel good anthem and a song long overdue to be heard by the masses as a reminder that the idea of perfect we may aspire to be isn’t what we are, who we will ever be, what we should be and to fit into an idea of perfect isn’t destroying the perfect that those who love us already see.


Socialite is so different to what is in the charts at the moment, filled with harmonies and music to make you bob your head along with it you’ll know the lyrics to this track in no time and you’ll more than likely be able to relate the lyrics to somebody you’ve met before.

Can’t Stop is just as catchy as Somebody Else’s Perfect (the boys are clearly just good at making catchy songs) Aleksey on the guitar brings back the ultimate guitar solo and he smashes it, we’ll be the first to admit we’ve missed music with a good guitar solo that makes us want to air guitar. With winter fast approaching and cold weather coming Can’t Stop sounds like a fabulous song to dance to, warm yourself up and be reminded of summer in the process.

The Scheme’s new single ‘Dust’ is out on iTunes, ‘Dust’ is worth the purchase  – CelebMix recommends! This track reminds us of a good love song, and everybody needs to have one, we already know we want to be blasting this through our stereos in the car, listening to this on the radio or playing this as part of our chill out album on an evening.

The Unsigned Music Awards are tonight and guess which band is up for Best Songwriter? Hint: It’s The Scheme and we’re rooting for them!

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Written by CelebMix