Why Michael Clifford is Your Perfect Valentine

” It’s unbelievable how you can affect

someone else so deeply and never know “

Michael Clifford himself said those words, and we can’t do anything else than agree with him. Do you feel like this beautiful band member of 5SOS is affecting you deeply? We do, but in a good way. We could even say in an extraordinary way. What would you do if Michael wasn’t there to make you smile with his funny tweets, to make you laugh with the jokes he does in every interview, to make you cry with how emotional he is when he sings? We don’t know what we would do, because we are falling in love with him every day.

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As Valentine’s day is coming pretty soon, and as we all want to have Michael Clifford on a date for that special day, here are 5 reasons why Michael is the perfect valentine, although we know there is way more than this.

5. He has some of the coolest hair colors

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We all know Michael by his original hair. It’s always different and it always looks great on him. Michael loves the change, he loves to dye his hair whenever he feels like it. If he feels like being blue a month, the other month he could feel like being red. What is cool about this is that he is doing what he wants, as he says himself:

” I do what I want I’m punk rock”

Now you can hear Calum Hood, his band mate, in the back of your head saying “No you’re not”. But seriously, we love Michael being a real punk, which means being himself and do what he wants for him, not for others. It’s okay if he loves to change, that’s always good for a relationship and who’s not happy to see a new selfie with a new hair color? Always a great thing to make your day better.

4. He can be pretty cute and at the same time extremely hot

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We know this is a little bit superficial, but we just couldn’t not mention this. We have all seen cute selfies he tweeted or a new video, or for some of you *sheds a tear* a Keek, of him with his cute little face. Let’s all admit how adorable he is. Then the next day, we have seen some pictures that are different from the day before.  Those pictures are less cute and more painfully attractive.  We feel our heart beat like crazy as we scroll down our Twitter or Facebook timelines looking for him.  We love seeing new pictures or videos of Michael. He can always make our day, just with this. How great is that? Definitely boyfriend material.

3. He is funny, very funny – like THE funniest

Why Michael Clifford is Your Perfect Valentine 5

A tweet, a picture, an interview, a video – anything can be funny with Michael. We have to admit we live for all of his funny tweets.  Remember the interviews with 5SOS where you can’t help but laugh all because of Michael? We LOVE them. Let’s not forget about Snapchat, the new trend lately. Almost every band or band member has a public Snapchat where they put whatever they want, most of the time the most random and funny videos and pictures. We can’t get enough of those amusing filters!

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” I love waving at random people, because for the rest of the day they’re trying to figure out who the hell you were”

We’re pretty sure Michael would be the kind of boy to joke around just to put a smile on your beautiful face! How is this not a perfect Valentine?

2. He is an exceptional guitar player – and singer

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A lot of people can play guitar and be great, but can everyone play like Michael does? We don’t think so. He has his own special way when he performs on stage and we think it’s incredible. Michael is, to us, one of the most talented guitarists in the world.  One of our favorite ways he showcases his talent is during Wrapped Around Your Finger, a song Michael absolutely kills.  Now let’s talk about his voice. This beautiful, sometimes raspy, voice. Michael is just so talented – he brings a more punk sound to the band, and we LOVE this! He needs more recognition for it, so whenever you see him, or go on a date with him *winks*, remember to tell him how much of a talented guitar player and singer he is.

1. He can be intense, serious and emotional

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Michael can be funny most of the time, but he can also be very serious and deep into his emotions. Remember when he admitted on stage during last tour that he was dealing with personal psychological issues and he was seeing a therapist for it? That’s when everyone’s heart broke in pieces. This man is a sweetheart, and we know he can be emotional and intense.  His openness about it was really strong and showed his fans how important it is to take care of yourself.  It’s evident in the lyrics he writes and how intensely he performs.   Like this time on James Corden when he made us cry during Jet Black Heart.


So these were just about 5% of the reasons why we think Michael Clifford is the perfect valentine.  If you agree with us tweet us at @CelebMix and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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Written by CelebMix