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Music Premiere: DJ G-String Introduces “No One Ever Said”

Producer DJ G-String teams up with Honey B Sweet to unveil the dance-pop remix of “No One Ever Said” via GString Records.

Talking about the remix, G-String shares, “This remix was inspired by listening to deep house music actually. I wanted a chill-feel approach but still some pop style as well. I also wanted to incorporate my 80’s style synths to it as well, so I think it turned out well.”

“No One Ever Said” follows on the heels of her previous single, “Your Love.” With two different singles, DJ G-String hit Beatport’s Top 100 and was selected as one of Reverbnation’s Top Ten Dance Artists, along with being featured in elite outlets such as Dancing Astronaut, We Rave You,, EDM Maniac, Run The Trap, and DJ Times.

Based near Chicago, DJ G-String purchased her first set of turntables when she was 18 years old. She’s never looked back. Citing influences like Kaskade, CamelPhat, and Flume, she creates delicious sonic potions.

On her part, Honey B Sweet, originally from Australia, spends beaucoup time in California working on music.

“No One Ever Said” opens on shimmering colors riding a potent rhythm composed of stabbing percussion and a cavernous bassline. The cadence vibrates listeners’ diaphragms. Plush, stylish vocals imbue the lyrics with quixotic savors, giving the song gleaming sonic textures rippling with passion.

Tasty rapping vocals infuse the tune with tight tiers and a tough flow, adding snap, crackle, and pop to the song’s harmonics.

With “No One Ever Said,” DJ G-String delivers dazzling, alluring dance-pop leitmotifs traveling on a galvanizing beat.

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Written by Randy

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