Brooke Korine

Musical Artist Brooke Korine is the Well-Rounded Instagram Follow You Need

While Instagram is filled with a myriad of beauties, the ones who truly make a statement are the women with more to offer than just good looks. Enter Brooke Korine, a musical artist, model and actress, who shares her incredible lifestyle tips and mental pursuits alongside her showstopping pictures.

Based in New York City, Korine dips her toes in a multitude of exciting projects. Having got her music career started at age 13 in a girl band called Dame, the beauty was quickly scouted by modeling agencies in New York, Miami and Los Angeles for her undeniably gorgeous features. Beyond modeling and singing, Korine scored a contract with the renowned Innovative Artists thanks to her incredible acting talents, which she intends to pursue wholeheartedly.

The Israeli-American triple-threat enjoys sharing her wide variety of interests to her tens of thousands of Instagram followers, including her passion for travel. Korine prompts her fans to walk off the beaten path and visit local communities when on vacation, to truly get immersed in the culture and diversity around like she does. Recently, Korine has visited St. Barth’s and Mexico, sharing stunning snaps alongside her in-depth travel tips.

Likewise, Korine shares her wealth of health and wellness advice on her platform, believing that self-development is a true tool for success. Living an active lifestyle herself, Korine gives the exact positive encouragement many people need to get up and start taking care of themselves holistically.

And beyond her obvious multidimensional skills, the beauty has the brains to match. Currently pursuing a degree in business at Pace University in New York City, Korine plans on utilizing her studies to the best of her ability in the further pursuit of her career upon her upcoming graduation.

With the perfect balance of gorgeous looks and undeniable talent, Brooke Korine is a must-follow on Instagram, and is sure to fill your feed with incredible tips and beautiful photos alike.

Written by Celebmix