How Niall Horan Has Influenced One Direction

Each of the One Direction boys have something going for them in the eyes of the general public. Niall Horan is dubbed as the “cute one that used to have braces” or “the one that’s never had a girlfriend before 2016.” Let’s not forget how he’s the only one in the band with blonde hair, which makes him stand out like a sore thumb.

Oh, yeah. He’s also Irish.

It’s been six years since One Direction has formed. We believe it’s safe to say that there is more to Niall Horan than meets the eye. This means that yes, there’s more to the Irish Blonde than being Irish and blonde.

As we figure out where to begin, let’s cover the basics.

Why is Niall being Irish so important? Moreover, why is it the first thing fans acknowledge?

It’s not because he’s the only Irish in an otherwise all British boyband – although that is true – but because he brings culture and a unique sound with his voice. His pride for his country is loud enough for all the fans to hear, no matter what country they are residing in. We don’t see Liam, Louis, or Harry always shouting their love for England the way Niall shouts his love for Ireland. Niall knows he’s different in that way, and he embraces it.

How many times do you think Harry had to hear that one?

Having pride in who you are is one of the most important values you can have these days. We are glad Niall has realizes that.

Just look how happy he is to be home. And listen to how happy the fans are that he’s home. That’s bond right there.

Since we already got the ball rolling, let’s talk about how Niall’s voice is important to the band. It’s worth more than just a cute accent.

His voice has a little bit of something that we just can’t describe in words. It stands out from the other boys(men now, we suppose) in the band. The fans like to joke and say that his voice is perfect for Reggae music.

Well… they’re not wrong.

One of the most memorable occasions where Niall became everyone’s favorite in under three minutes was the infamous Rosebowl performance.

“It was back in ’99…”

Let’s face it, even the other boys were jamming.

Another reason to adore Niall is something all the boys have in common: their love for charity.

Recently, Niall and Louis both played a part in Soccer Aid 2016, where they played on opposite teams. Louis was on the England team while Niall played for ‘Rest of the World.’ Ahem. Irelend.

The game was intense, but energy and fun kept radiating from the players throughout the game. It doesn’t really matter which team won – which by the way, Niall’s team didn’t – when they raised a whooping £5.4 million for UNICEF.

Head-to-head: One Direction bandmates Louis Tomlinson (left) and Niall Horan (right) play against each other during the Soccer Aid 2016 tournament at Manchester's Old Trafford Stadium on Sunday

Niall brings to One Direction many things, and one of the many things just happens to be his affinity for sports – mainly golf.

The One Direction hiatus has been going on for months now, and Niall has been spending most of his time on the courts.

In the band, Niall and Harry are seen as the big golfing fanatics. But with Harry filming Dunkirk during the break, Niall is truly living up to the fans’ expectations. He recently attended The Open, where he got personalized gear and everything.

Of course, Niall manages to connect his love for golf with his love for charity. He brings so much to the band, and his big heart is one of them.

To be honest, if we were to cover everything Niall Horan brings to One Direction, the list would be too long to be able to read in one sitting.

Let’s wrap this article up with something that all the fans can agree we owe a lot to Niall for: his selfies.

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Practice for wentworth .

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And his OOTD selfies.

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The sun makes me so happy. ?

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(Yeah, Niall you look very happy.)

Oh yeah, also his group selfies.

His love for guitar.

His love for life.

And last, but definitely not the least: his love for the fans.

So yes. There is so much more to Niall Horan than being the blonde, Irish one in the band. Each boy bring their own special dynamic to One Direction, and Niall certainly has a personality that the band would be failing without. He makes the other boys happy, the same way he makes the fans happy.

Six years of One Direction have passed, and we are thankful to have a Niall Horan throughout it all.

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Written by Laura Huynh

California gal studying media and entertainment at UC Berkeley. Big fan of music, and big believer in Fate. Feel free to call me, beep me at or @laurahuynh. xx