Nick Grimshaw Talks One Direction

When radio personality (amongst other talents) and pal of One Direction, Nick Grimshaw took to twitter on Monday the 9th to announce that he would be chatting with One Direction on his morning show on the 16th – fans of the band were very excited!

Grimshaw asked fans to tweet in with the hashtag #1DonGrimmy and ask the boys some questions – anything they wanted! Although this is an interview which obviously will have some restrictions; the fans took that quite literally as they tweeted Nick an array of questions in range from serious, funny, and even a bit cheeky!

Nick Grimshaw is quite a character himself – so pairing up with Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam was a hit before the interview even happened.   The fan questions sent in were incredible – this was sure to be a very unique interview from the start.

Some of our favorites were

Seriously we NEED headband Louis to be a thing again.

Nick announced on twitter that he’d be in contact with the fans who’s questions he would be asking the lads and the interview was taped a few days before it actually aired.  He questioned Harry about what would be the most fun way to interview the lads; he was less than impressed with Harry’s ideas.

Nick Grimshaw Talks One Direction 1

We think they were a riot. 

So as usual, sleep deprived One Direction fans woke up early, stayed up late, or set alarms in the middle of the night to catch the interview on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show.

Nick made fans wait for the interview but he did give a little preview of Louis doing an impersonation of Niall and it was probably the cutest thing we’ve ever heard!  A little over an hour into the breakfast show Nick aired the clip with the lads.

The interview started with Nick asking if Harry, Louis, Nial, and Liam were looking forward to their live lounge performance in which they agree that they are and Harry is “heard” using his robot voice app for the first time during this interview.  Niall speaks up for him and says the doctor said he had to pick singing or talking, and he obviously picked singing!

Anne is shown first asking the lads a question and since Harry’s voice is a bit wounded Liam takes the time to remind Harry that his mom is quite hot and Louis and Niall agree – Harry just smiles and has a cheeky reply written all over his face that he unfortunately can’t say aloud!  They answer her question – to an extent – which was what song would they sing if every day was like the film Groundhog Day.  Louis says Girl Almighty and Liam agrees before throwing in Never Enough and What A Feeling too.  Harry types What Makes You Beautiful with a large grin and Niall says Girl Almighty as well.

The boys are asked if they have a group chat and Liam is quick to say that he and Niall recently talked and Niall didn’t even have his number!  Louis brings up immediately, that Liam changes his number a bit but for now there is no group chat, they all think they should get one during the hiatus though!

The boys do impressions of one another which is a riot before Liam admits that he does look through One Direction trends and sometimes finds them a bit crazy – he thought it was incredible that they’ve even trended on Beyonce’s birthday.  Harry admitted that if he were Beyonce for a day he’d do a concert with some of her biggest hits.

Liam, Harry, Louis, and Niall were asked if they could do press ups and Liam bragged that he used to be able to do 41 although admittedly, he was a lot younger. The boys teased him about that for a bit.   Harry was asked if he put his hair into a towel after he’s washed it and he does, but not only does the question get answered – Harry demonstrates it while the rest of the boys giggle and look on fondly.

The boys were asked what their Hogwarts Houses would be – Louis talks about only wanting to be in two of them; the other two not really mattering much.  Louis gets on to Liam for admitting that he’d taken a Harry Potter quiz at all and Liam goes a step further to admit that he’s got a blue car from the film in his garden.

The interview with Nick concludes with Harry saying “Nashville, Nashville, Nashville – thank you” on his voice app.

It must be noted that perhaps the most important question asked during the interview in its entirety however was FINALLY “What is Harry’s thigh tattoo?”

Seriously – IT’S BEEN MONTHS!

Harry says it is a tiger and returns to talking about himself being Beyonce for a day, and gives no other explanation for it than ‘roar’.

We’ll just leave this here.

Thanks for a fantastic interview Nick; and as always Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam – thanks for being incredible, funny, and cheeky to boot!


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.