One Direction have scored their fourth consecutive number one album with their new release, Made in the AM.

One Direction Beat Bieber for UK Number One!

Despite Canadian superstar Justin Bieber managing to keep One Direction from number one on the UK iTunes all week with his new release Purpose, One Direction’s strong sales of physical copies of the album have meant that their fifth release Made in the AM was still the number one best selling album of the week, and has become the fastest selling album of 2015!

The album, featuring such hits like “Perfect” and smash hit “Drag Me Down”, had five separate copies; the main album with artwork featuring all four boys, and then one cover each for all of the boys individually, which acted as a strong incentive to go out and buy the album in physical form, rather than as a digital download.

The result was close, with approximately only 3000 sales between them, and brings to a climax the most exciting chart battle the UK has seen in years.

With One Direction’s Made in the AM hitting the top spot, it becomes their fourth consecutive number 1 album. Combine that with their strong first week sales and it further proves that One Direction’s break is not coming as a result of declining record sales or fan interest, and that they are very much choosing to bow out, for now, on a career high. It will also mean that once One Direction decide their break is over and they’re ready to get back to work, there will likely still be just as many record producers and record companies fighting to work with them on their comeback.

Though this is a great achievement for the One Direction boys and will mean they can start their upcoming 2 year hiatus with a smile on their faces, and safe in the knowledge that their massive fanbase is still very much in love with them and awaiting their return, it is expected they won’t hold the title of Fastest Selling album of 2015 for long. Today marks the release of Adele’s third album 25, and it is predicted that her album will overtake the boys first week sales and snatch the record away from them, and knock them off number 1 next Friday.

For now though, way to go One Direction! A much deserved number one, universal acclaim and one of the best albums of the year; not bad after five years, eh?

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Written by CelebMix