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Premiere: Hip-hop collective, Urban Renewal Project, Unveil Visuals For, ‘Shake Those Hips’

16-piece hip-hop band, Urban Renewal Project, have just dropped the visuals for their track, ‘Shake Those Hips’.

The upbeat and feel good tune is reflected in the video which features all members of the group playing instruments, singing, rapping, dancing and having a good time.

‘Shake Those Hips’, is a dance party brimming with pep-band vibes, bouncing sousaphone lines and a throwback sound, begging to be danced to.

It is the lead single from their forthcoming EP, ‘Love Glory Duty Death’ – which is expected later in 2019.

The Los Angeles-based group have toured coast-to-coast with rap legends Camp Lo and made a major festival appearance in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Not only do they constantly look for new inspirations to update their sound, they provide infectious rap hooks, horn lines and a heavy dose of live drums.

The URP are a group of people with multiple interests and lovers of all music, making the band’s sound undeniably unique.

Elmer Demond, Slim da Reazon, and Dustin Morgan – aka Yung Jinja – rhyme over the instrumentals on the track while Alex Nester delivers smooth soul, pop and funk vocals.

We caught up with a member of the band to chat about their latest video – which we are pleased to premiere -, what it’s like being a part of a group so big, and their ultimate goal for the year!

Hey guys! Tell us all about the group.

We’re a band from Los Angeles making music with brass, bars & beats. We have a couple of singers, a couple of rappers and a whole slew of horn players that come together for a fun vibe that blends together elements from hiphop, soul & jazz.

What’s the meaning behind the band name, The Urban Renewal Project?

I think we all have slightly different interpretations of what it means, but ultimately it has to do with us drawing inspiration from the expansive metropolitan area around us. There is a vast array of activity happening constantly in Los Angeles, from every neighbourhood, every cultural identity and every popular subculture, and we’re out here trying to put some interesting things together—trying to expand our horizons a little bit, and ideally have fun in the process.

Tell us about your latest song ‘Shake Those Hips’.

Shake Those Hips is all about 100% good vibes and unbridled energy. It’s one of those tunes that just makes you bob your head, clap your hands, and stomp your feet, no matter how you’re feeling. The track combines an exciting, pep rally, homecoming spirit-week aesthetic with a throwback, old-school, hiphop flow to create something undeniably catchy and danceable. We tried really hard to capture all of that in the music video.

Can you tell us anything from your upcoming EP, Love Glory Duty Death?

We actually have another single out now called Red Eye, which you can check out everywhere including Spotify and Soundcloud. It’s another heavy rap track with a grittier feel than Shake Those Hips. You can expect to see a lot more vibey hiphop coming from The Urban Renewal Project for the rest of the year.

What are everyone’s roles in the band?

Elmer Demond has been rapping with the group for a long time, and this year we’ve added another emcee Slim da Reazon, who you can hear on the hook of this track. Our bassist Dustin Morgan also spits his debut verse on this one. We have one more vocalist, a female singer named Alex Nester, who isn’t on Shake Those Hips, but can be heard on our other single Red Eye. Filling out the ensemble for this record are R.W. Enoch, Brian Clements, David Wise and Matt Ballard on saxophones; Luis Cardenas Casillas, Austin Drake and Elliot Deutsch on trumpets; Evan Mackey, Lindsay McMurray and Robert Todd on trombones; Marc Bolin on Sousaphone and Calvin Martin on drums and percussion.

Are there complications having so many members?

It’s not easy, but we have an incredibly solid crew. Over and over again, we’ve been able to accomplish some incredible feats with the full group at the drop of a hat.

Do you go to specific artists for inspiration?

We’re a bunch of music-obsessed people that come from very different backgrounds, so we’re listening to everything all the time. Some influences for this track include Outkast, The Pharcyde & Pharell.

Can we expect more collaborations this year?

I think so! We’ve got a few irons in the fire, but nothing we can talk about yet.

What is the dream place of performing?

New Orleans Jazz Fest would be dope.

Where do you see the band in five years?

Same thing as now: bringing our signature sound to people around the globe.

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