Reasons to Transcribe Podcast With a Celebrity

Podcasts became extremely popular in recent years. Firstly, it is an easy way to express yourself. Secondly, it is an option to share something interesting. Finally, it is an opportunity to speak with someone famous. That is why many people are watching podcasts so often.

However, it is a complex task to show it to a big audience for the first time, since you have to do much for promotion. Such things like sharing in social networks and forums are just a little of the whole workflow.

One of the important parts is podcast transcription. It is a process of decoding the audio to text. It will help you to make your podcast more popular on the Web. So, here are some reasons to make a podcast transcription.

You Can Create Subtitles

The Internet allows people to get access to almost any information in the world regardless of the language. Watching some videos and podcasts we get much knowledge about someone’s traditions, business ideas or, for example, everyday schedule. And what’s more important, many people learn from podcasts.

Subtitles are vital for video podcasts since they allow you to understand all the words (phrases) correctly or even mute the video and read only text (if necessary). What’s more, they help people to learn languages. For example, if you learn Spanish through videos, you may not understand some words or accents. Yet, if you can check this word in subtitles, it will be easier to understand the whole sentence.

People with Disabilities Can Watch or Listen Your Podcast

Nowadays there are many deaf people. Nonetheless, they also need an opportunity to watch any content on the Web, including podcasts with celebrities. The most common example is when the famous person is someone’s idol. In this case a person will definitely want to watch or listen to this podcast and get something new about the celebrity.

Transcription allows you to involve any person into your content. Therefore, you will have a bigger audience and even Web rating. Nowadays, many Youtube channels forget that people with disabilities also want to check their content. Thus, if you create even the smallest opportunity for deaf people to watch your podcast, you will get more positive feedback.

Improves SEO

SEO is a very important part of content promotion. There are many ways of getting traffic and you have to use all of them to make your podcast visible for users. One of the options is about transcribing audio and video to text. By this, people will be able to find your podcast by some keywords that are used in the podcast.

Some Users Want to Read

It may be strange for you, but there are many users who would prefer reading over watching. One of the reasons is about remembering the information. Many people remember better while reading something rather than listening. Thus, they need a text version of the podcast.

Optimizing for Social Media

Imagine that you want to upload some episodes to social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. Very often people check the feed when they can’t listen to videos (they are in a Tube, or somewhere in a library) or don’t want to pause the music in their headphones. Thus, they would skip all the posts with audio only.

However, if you transcribe the podcast and add subtitles to the post, any user will stop surfing and concentrate on the text. Thus, this is an opportunity to involve more users, spread your podcast and make it more popular.

UX Improvement

In many cases people don’t need the transcription since they can just watch the video or listen to audio. Yet in present days humanity rates everything subconsciously. One of such aspects is user experience.

If you add all the options to get data from your podcast, you show that you really want to represent something interesting to as many people as possible. In other words, the user wants to feel like the king. Thus, make everything possible to satisfy the user’s needs.

The Final Insight: It Is Easy

All the above-mentioned may lead to an idea that transcription is quite complex. And it is true, since you have to set the timings, check all the spelling so as not to harm the message of the podcast. However, transcribing may be easy.

Firstly, you may use software to transcribe audio or video to text. Just upload the file to the program and start the process. Good programs are expensive, but if you have many podcasts to transcribe, they may be helpful.

The other option is about hiring professional transcribers. Surf the Net and check some companies like Transcriberry or Otter. They provide high-quality services for affordable prices. Moreover, they guarantee data protection and fast turnaround.

So why not transcribe your podcast with a celebrity if it is so easy?

Written by Monella