Rock-metal band AWS to represent Hungary at Eurovision 2018

Yesterday was more than exciting for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, as five national selection Grand Finals took place for this year’s competition, including Hungary’s “A Dal 2018”.

Rock-metal band AWS went through to win the chance to represent their country with one of the highest points. The voting system was a bit different in the final, and they actually ended up 4th in the first round. However, they won “A Dal 2018” instantly with the votes of the audience.

Their song “Viszlát nyár” is powerful, but literally one you can just love or hate because of its extraordinary style. We guess, we are starting to quite like how they are smashing the stage with it. That kind of energy must have been the reason they won Hungary’s heart, even though our hearts hurt a bit for the rest of the acts. In particular, Yesyes and Viktor Király made a big impact with their uplifting and infectious songs, but we still can’t argue with the decision for Eurovision.

AWS will now work even harder until May, when they will perform on the big stage in Lisbon for the first time. The Hungarian representatives will present their song in the second semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest.

You can see how AWS performed “Viszlát nyár” on the Grand Final below:

Hungary has participated in the contest 15 times, but, unfortunately, have only had a total of five top ten placements: Their very first representative Friderika Bayer finished in fourth place, András Kállay-Saunders finished 5th in 2014, and their other results are Magdi Rúzsa finishing ninth in 2007, ByeAlex tenth in 2013, and Joci Pápai eighth in 2017.

They are trying to change the sound each year to show as many side of the country as they can, but they seem to be failing to bring their best onto the stage. With AWS though, they might have a chance to show something better.

Other acts that have been announced so far are DoReDos for Moldova, Sennek for BelgiumSaara Aalto for FinlandWaylon for the NetherlandsAISEL for AzerbaijanCesar Sampson for AustriaJessica Mauboy for AustraliaEugent Bushpepa for Albania, Iriao for Georgia, Madame Monsieur for France, Julia Samoylova for RussiaAlfred & Amaia for SpainMikolas Josef for the Czech RepublicRyan O’Shaughnessy for IrelandEleni Foureira for CyprusChristabelle for MaltaZibbz for SwitzerlandSuRie for the United KingdomRasmussen for Denmark, Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro for ItalyEye Cue for F.Y.R Macedonia, Franka for Croatia, Netta Barzilai for Israel, Gianna Terzi for Greece, Vanja Radovanovic for Montenegro, Sanja Ilic and Balkanika for Serbia and Michael Schulte for Germany.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will take place at the Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal; with the two Semi-Finals taking place on 8 May and 10 May and the Grand Final taking place on 12 May. A total of 43 countries will compete in the contest.

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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