After Romeo Goes On The “Bully Proof Tour” Again

One, two, here we go. After After Romeo!

Yep, you heard it well! Our favourite LA-based band After Romeo is back with fresh energy. New songs, new plans, new tour… there are still so many super exciting things up their sleeves.

In 2013, they kicked off the Bully Proof Tour, visiting various junior and senior high schools and malls around the US, and performing their songs for children, all in the name of anti-bullying. These guys impressed us with the fact that they are using their force to make their fans’ life much brighter.

They empowered today’s youth all across the nation with sharing their stories about how they were bullied. Coming from different parts of the country, they’ve got dramatically different musical and social influences, and they didn’t just do what they love, performing, but also they wrapped a social message to their work. Many young kids could be able to look to them for support in difficult situations.

Though, Bully Proof Tour is still not over yet, the boys hit the road for the great cause again!

None of the members hide their opinions about the common existing issue that is bullying, and so they’re still working so much on putting an end to it. They are overly excited to get the chance to empower their loyal and incredibly passionate fanbase to help fighting against bullying and become self-confident, brave, proud and “Bully Proof”.

Blake told us what we can expect from the Spring Tour that began on 27th March in Los Angeles.

This year, we’re getting a lot more personal at the schools with sharing our stories. Stuff we weren’t prepared to speak on in the past. We know the students will keep their guards down if we’re not preaching and it’s working. We’ve already done a bunch of schools and the response has been so much more impactful than ever before.

The Bully Proof Tour is a cause-related pop music series developed to engage and educate students about the global bullying epidemic and other social issues affecting today’s schools. Their belief is that music is the most immediate and influential force to bring positive change to diverse communities and social issues.

What’s even better is that we brought a new group, Be Only You, “B.O.Y.”, on tour with us. They have a totally different background and being females, the girl students are identifying with them even more. – said Jayk.

So, this time, Atlanta based R&B group Be Only You is joining forces with After Romeo, too. The all girl trio bridges the sounds of Soul, Rap and R&B into an entertaining ensemble. It’s fair to say that the tour with these artists are going to be extremely exciting, and so much fun! We can’t wait to hear more about Bully Proof Tour.

Cities on this leg include San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix and San Diego, but they are planning to announce more dates, so stay tuned!

Join their mission and don’t be afraid to be Bully Proof. It’s always great if you can not only defend your loved ones, but also you can defend yourself!

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Written by Alexandra Nagy

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